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Mirena coil

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Zebbas Tue 26-Sep-06 17:02:05

Hello everyone, I've just joined Mumsnet, reason is because I wondered if anyone else had experienced any depression or anxiety symptoms since having the Mirena fitted. I had it fitted 18 mths ago and all seemed to be fine to begin with, my period got lighter and lighter, boobs still hurt plenty but other than that no probs. Then a few months ago my period stopped altogether but I still get the really sore boobs and have started to feel more and more miserable for a couple of weeks each month. The feelings seem to go once my boobs return to normal. This month has been particulary bad and I have wondered about having the Mirena taken out. Could this just be a blip or has anyone else had similar experiences. I did suffer from PND after having my second child and took Prozac for a year but she is 5 yrs old now and have been pretty good since coming off that. Wondering if I have a disposition to depression and that is what is making me suffer like this now - wish I could just feel happy and normal all month and not just for half the time. Any thoughts would be appreciated x

gravity Wed 27-Sep-06 09:01:10

hi Zebbas, i Had a mirena fitted (we sound like cars hey! [smile}) after the birth of my second child last year. i was a little moody and emotional afterward while my body adjusted I think, but this was also due to dh had just cheated on me also , i dont get the recurring mixed emotions every month, my period has stopped but I do get the worst stomach pains once a month, they are excruciating. have you spoken to your gp or gyno?

Zebbas Wed 27-Sep-06 09:44:16

Hi Gravity, I'm going to see her on Friday hopefully, rang this morn but no apts available to prebook so need to ring first thing Friday to get a slot. I did a bit of research on web yesterday and it seems that in some women it can have a bad effect with it being progesterone only so I'll see what she says on Friday hopefully.

gravity Thu 28-Sep-06 10:46:28

good luck xx

foxinsocks Thu 28-Sep-06 10:48:53

yes - if you are prone to depression then progesterone contraception can make it worse it seems. Have it taken out.

Zebbas Fri 29-Sep-06 20:40:07

I've had the Mirena taken out this morning and feel better already knowing I won't be going through the same downward spriral next month. Doctor confirmed it can have a negative effect on people who have suffered with depression in the past, I was disappointed she didn't point that out to me before putting it in but at least its sorted now. I better get to Tesco to stock up on monthly necessities again!!!

gravity Sat 30-Sep-06 17:18:21

i hope you feel much better.... it is very annoying your dr did not explain that to you prior to fitting it they are supposed to fully explain it and also give you brochures. i also had to sign papers saying ihad accepted the necessary information relating to it. i'm sorry it made you feel this way. you have to really doubt some dr's at times. take care x

rhap Tue 20-Feb-07 11:53:57

I have joined to ask if anyone has any ideas on why I had 3 years trouble free mirena bar the fitting when I collasped and my body went into shock!! and then 11 months ago out of the blue came the monthly to 5 weekly 24 hours emotional roller coaster?

I turn as white as a sheet, lose 3 lbs in weight in 24 hours and cry and can only think of bad things about my relationship - you name it I am terrible and then without any notice I am as right as rain again? I then spend the next 4 weeks eating what I like until hey presto it starts all over again - it is killing my relationship and my doctor thinks it is all in my imagination!! Tell that to my partner.

rhap Fri 09-Mar-07 11:58:17

Just an up date - I took control and after another failed meeting with my GP I went down to London and saw a specialist who could not have been more understanding. Everything was explained in detail and the removal was a breeze - in only two days I feel on tip top form - no nasty after effects and for the first time in 3.5 years I feel a woman again with that beautiful glow that you normally only have during pregancy!! The mirena may be an option for some but I feel so much more alive without it and gosh has my energy improved. I wake up full of beans and ready for anything. To any other ladies who have a question mark on the mirena - trust your gut instinct and do what you feel is right for you. All the very best. rhap xx

hormonedebbie Sun 24-Feb-08 20:34:09

Thank god I stumpled upon this site.

I thought I was going mad: Had the Minera coil fitted on 20th December 07 after a year of anemia and heavy periods.

I have been miserable ever since, my period are still happening but getting lighter. The mood swings are unbearable. I haven't felt like this since I had PND 19 year ago after my 2nd child. Everyday is a struggle for me I see nothing positive in anything anymore and wonder often what's it all about.

I feel confident now that like some of you that I'm suffering from depression due to this alien in my body and will go and speak to my Dr.

I would rather have the Hysterectomy It can't be any worst than this.

Thank you all....

MrsPurple Fri 05-Sep-08 12:17:38

I'm another casulty of the mirena, had it fitted 11 weeks ago. since then am either constantly in tears, really grumpy,no energy, no sex drive (so what's the point of the coil?). I've had 3 periods since then, the first lasted 3 and half weeks and 4 day break, with second lasting 2 weeks 6 days, with 10 day break, and the third been nearly a week so far.

I also suffered post natel depression with my 3 year old daughter, only felt better a year ago. I wasn't told about the moodswings. Constantly feel dizzy and light headed.

I went to the gp and gyny who fitted it and was told to give it more time. The gp said the dizzyiness is probably due to so much blood loss but it should get better.

My moods are totally irrational, my poor kids and hubbie are having to put up with it (and I've only just started to get back to normalish after PND.)

How much longer should I give it? sad

saramoon Fri 05-Sep-08 16:14:33

I had problems with the mirena too and had it taken out after about a year and a half!!!!! Just kept thinking oh i might feel better next month. It gave me headaches and moodswings and i now have a copper coil in that is soooooo much better.

When i originally went to the doc to talk about contraception after 2nd dd, she couldn't speak highly enough about the mirena and said it was brilliant. Loads of people have said they have had a problem with it though. Doeesn't suit everyone.

sambav Wed 10-Sep-08 13:55:54


I don't know whether anybody has had huge weight gain with the mirena? I had it put in over a year ago and was fine and then my periods stopped and I now weigh 2 stone more! I have tried dieting and doing as much exercise as poss, but no change. I have never had many problems with weight before. I have had several people ask me when the baby is due and it is making me mad! The doctor says give it time but I have had enough!

chocolatemummy Wed 10-Sep-08 14:04:51

god I am depressed after reading this!!
I had it fitted in january this year, it was more uncomfortabel than I expected to have it fited but it has done the job and my periods have all but gone, BUT my boobs have got bigger and quite tender and I do feel a bit low at times but nothing that i especially put down to that? or is it about to get alot worse?

MrsPurple Mon 20-Oct-08 18:51:57

Well I had mine taken out over a month ago as I couldn't take the depression and the blood loss any more (I bled more then than after child birth).

Has anyone experienced the after affects of weight gain and massive blood clots etc?

vanya Thu 20-Nov-08 03:38:42

hi.....i had taken mirena over a month end never got my period.i call may doc she sad that is normal becouuse iwas bledeng over a 4 month lost 14 ponds almost kill my self how bad depression was.sooooooooo did anyone experiencend something like this thank you

phoophoo Mon 24-Nov-08 20:57:49


I had a mirena fitted back in May and to start with everything seemed fine. My periods started to get lighter so I thought this could only be a good thing. However, after about 2-3 months my mood swings became progressively worst, I feel irritated and negative all the time. I have also started to get spots which is something I have never ever suffered with even as a teenager.

At first I couldn't understand why I felt so miserable, I have a wonderful husband and two lovely children. I now believe that it is the Mirena as there is no other explanation. I feel like crying at the slightest thing and despite 'not eating enough to keep a sparrow alive' (as my dad puts it) I have gained 3lbs.

At first I put feeling like this down to my youngest daughter starting school and thought I was feeling a bit low and reflective as my life starts a new chapter. After reading some other womens experiences I do now think that it is my coil and would go as far as to say that I am mildly depressed. I also feel anxious and edgy and that day to day life is an uphill struggle.

I woulod be really grateful if anybody has any advice they could give me or let me know if they have experienced anything similar as I am seriously considering having the mirena removed?

cheeset Mon 24-Nov-08 21:16:23

I had the mirena fitted last Feb 07 and I bled constantly for 6 months after the dr suggested giving it more time. The results of this constant bleeding was no intimacy with my DH and as a result of this, we are no longer close. I also had terribly mood swings and my emotions are still not steady.

I could feel the coil inside me too and it was quite painful, did anyone have a similar problem?

MusicLover Thu 27-Nov-08 14:07:32

Oh Dear! shock

I was in a dilema about whether to have the mirena coil fitted after having several trips to the drs about heavy painful periods & extremely bad PMT.
I thought the mirena sounded good for me but after reading all this I am now not sure about it.

Two of my friends both have it fitted with no side affects what so ever. Has anyone had a good experience with the mirena coil, if so could they share it please.

ladyxx Sat 06-Dec-08 17:02:57

yes - i would like to hear something good too, mines driving me mad!!!

JingleBennysAndJooniper Sat 06-Dec-08 17:08:04


I got pregnant with a mirena

and didn't find out until 18 weeks as my periods had stopped

<<runs away having done the voice of doom>>

ihatethecold Sat 06-Dec-08 17:35:24

i love mine. the best thing ever invented

dingdongmerrilyonpie Sun 07-Dec-08 00:10:06

me too.

lilmamma Sun 05-Dec-10 10:30:21

mine has been ok sort of.first one fell out after really heavy clotty period,went back and had another fitted,and took pill for 3 months to help it settle in,still have heavy periods but not as bad..last month, one day was terrible,everytime i stood up i could feel it all gushing out

and now i have nothing,my boobs are so sore and im 2 weeks late,defently not pregnant,just wondering if the coil has finally settled in and is doing its job,i hope so,but hate the feeling,have i come on and have to keep checking ,but hey you never know this could finally after,a year be it,no more periods ..probably jinxed myself now lol

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