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How do I prevent DS (14mo) getting thrush while on antibiotics?

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AussieSim Thu 08-Apr-04 12:59:20

My DS started having antibiotics for his secondary infection arising from his eczema. This is the second time we have had to resort to it. The last time was in January and he subsequently got thrush.

I take Yakult everyday hoping that he gets some benefits from it as I am still bfing once per day, but I don't think he actually drinks that much anymore.

Could I give him the Yakult/Actimel, direct in his milk? Would I give him the full little bottle or only part. Any other suggestions to head off the thrush? Much appreciated.

Janstar Thu 08-Apr-04 13:03:40

I gave ds yakult on his weetabix when he had thrust and it really helped clear it up. He also became massively energetic. But he is 3. I think it's fine for smaller children, but you had better get an opinion on that from someone with more knowledge than I.

gothicmama Thu 08-Apr-04 13:07:04

just normal yogurt or bio yog is all we use when dd on antibios usually just let her have more than she would have normally.

AussieSim Thu 08-Apr-04 15:02:25

Thanks guys - further comment welcomed!

theweathergirl Wed 14-Apr-04 13:13:29

you can also get "acidophilous" from your health food shop, which promotes the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut (antibiotics deplete them), and this can help to ward off thrush. It comes as a powder and you just mix it in to his normal milk or juice, or even sprinkle it on his food.

Easy Wed 14-Apr-04 13:52:45

I'd try with live or bio yoghourt first. You may fing that adding acidophilus powder is a bit 'overkill' in a tiny, so he could get diarhhia (can't spell it, sorry)

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