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maiscout Tue 23-Sep-14 13:41:57

Hi everyone,

I have just been diagnosed (based on symptoms) with a candida overgrowth. My symptoms were IBS, bloating, gas, UTI's, thrush, post nasal drip and dry blurry eyes.

Has anyone else been diagnosed with this?
What did you do?

I'm on an anti candida diet which I've seen a few people post about, but they never follow up saying if it worked or not and if they got better.

I'm desperate for any info I can get!


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hiddenhome Wed 24-Sep-14 17:27:45

Yes, I have this.

I take Caprylic acid and avoid sugar and carbs. I'm starting to heal, but I think it'll take a long time.

maiscout Thu 25-Sep-14 14:17:02

Hiddenhome, do you mind saying what symptoms you have?

And how long have you been on the diet so far?

I'm a month into the diet and don't feel any better, in fact I feel worse than before I started the diet!

Are you following the advice of a naturopath?

Many thanks!

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colafrosties Thu 25-Sep-14 14:26:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AliJ12 Fri 26-Sep-14 13:36:42

Hi everyone. I struggled to get a diagnosis for this. I was diagnosed by a medical herbalist and in 4 weeks I have had a great improvement. My symptoms were mostly fatigue, pain, itchy scalp and weight gain. I was given a diagnosis of fibromyalgia originally by a rheumatologist but refused to accept that label - I knew it was something else. I do recommend medical herbalists - an hour consultation and she listened before linking it all together

AliJ12 Fri 26-Sep-14 13:38:54

Oh, and the closed facegroup group for Candida Suport and Information has been a great source of information .

maiscout Fri 26-Sep-14 15:31:40

Thanks Ali,

I have joined the fb group, but as it's mostly used by people who still have candida, its hard to find any success stories!

What antifungals and probiotics are you using?

Glad to hear you're getting better smile

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maiscout Sat 27-Sep-14 01:02:37


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AliJ12 Sun 28-Sep-14 10:40:44

Hi Maiscout. I am following the advice from a medical herbalist. I was told to avoid sugar, dairy and gluten. I have a tincture of six herbs that was prepared for my individual symptoms. There is an anti fungal included in that. I also take a probiotic called Acidophilus Extra 10. I started to see an improvement in symptoms within a week and that gave me the encouragement to keep going. I am almost 6 weeks in now and I am doing ok, got a really heavy cold/chest infection at the moment and I reckon it must be connected to the change in my system as I havent had a cold in like 20 years! It hasn't deterred me at all, I am still sticking to the diet. I bought a cookbook called 'I Quit Sugar'. It has helped give me some variety in my diet within the basic rules. Good luck with your diet, don't give up, when the improvement shows it is a wonderful moment!

maiscout Sun 28-Sep-14 20:28:09

Did avoiding sugar include no fruit? its annoying how there seems to be so many conflicting ideas about what is okay on the diet.

Did your medical herbalist say how long you would have to do the diet/would you be able to go back to eating 'normally' afterwards?

It's not that I'm rushing to shove cake and wine down my throat, but I just can't bear the thought of eating in such a limited way all my life!

Please do update how you're doing in future, I love hearing other peoples success stories smile

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AliJ12 Mon 29-Sep-14 09:55:10

Hi again Maiscout. Yes, I have cut out all fruits except Granny Smith apples as it has the lowest sugar content. I have one Apple every few days - dry fried ( wedges) with slices of halloumi cheese- sprinkle with a little salt and cinnamon - tasty!

The realy strict part of the diet should be a minimum of one month but depends of the severity of your own symptoms, everyone is different. To be honest I don't expect to go back to my eating habits from before - what I plan is just one or two days per month for 'treats'. I am already planning that first one and that will be a HUGE egg mayo sandwich on fresh white bread, a cup of tea with milk and a piece of shortbread, lol. I do have two glasses of wine per week but I have switched to white instead of red as red for me is worse. It wouldn't be Friday night without a glass of wine!

My herbalist did recommend taking it slow and not to be too strict with myself. I did see lots of candida leave my body for the first three weeks, it has slowed down a bit now! I was fairly shocked at what I seen in the toilet bowl but a quick check with Dr Google images confirmed this. For me personally it has been the low sugar, and low gluten that has worked, and obviously the probiotics who have reclaimed their space in my gut! I am advised to keep going with the diet as long as is possible and add foods one at a time - checking my own tolerance levels to them and the probiotics for a long time... I don't feel my diet is limited as I realy enjoy meat and green veg, quinoa, brown rice, the allowed cheeses and eggs of course. The no sugar cookbook has helped and Kale crisps are fantastic for a snack! Baked chick peas covered in garam masala is another, now that I have tested my reaction to chick peas.

The only other thing recommend for me was on the reintroduction of foods was that I try to stick to the blood group diet. I am happier without pain, I am starting to feel healthy again and the side effect of the last six weeks is one stone gone smile One more stone and everything in my wardrobe will fit again!!

What kind of strict diet are you limiting yourself too?

maiscout Wed 01-Oct-14 00:16:12


mmm that sounds good, I shall have to try it! I'm glad someone else is eating halloumi! I've been eating it and everyone in the fb group keeps telling me I shouldn't be eating dairy! Ah well, we should do what works best for ourselves I suppose smile

I'm not really sure how long I'm going to be doing the strict diet really, some people say 3 months, some say 6-18, ahhh its so confusing. I suppose it's something I should discuss when I see my naturopath! She is telling me not to bother with an overly strict diet, as you can't starve out candida anyway, and dealing with the underlying cause is the most important part. We shall see if that's true ;)

So her diet plan is:

No refined sugar/honey/agave etc
No simple carbs such as white rice and pasta
No milk as this makes candida more persistent apparently

Yeast is fine if you have no allergy
Complex carbs like brown rice, sourdough bread, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, millet etc
Potatoes are fine in moderation
Low sugar fruits such as berries and granny smiths are allowed
Beans in moderation
All meat is fine (red meat in moderation)

and then all the supplements and antifungals of course

She says she has treated many people's overgrowth this way, so hopefully it works for me!

Will update you in a couple weeks smile

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AliJ12 Wed 01-Oct-14 08:58:36

Morning Maiscout
Your advice sounds just like mine so that has given me extra hope!
Halloumi is fine because it is a mix of sheep and goats milk. It's only dairy from cow that we have to avoid. I eat all goats and sleeps cheese no problem.
I look forward to your update.
Have a good day smile

maiscout Thu 02-Oct-14 20:40:51

Hey Ali!

I'm glad ours are similar because it's very relaxed compared to the usual candida diet! My naturopath says this is a new way to combat candida from recent research over the last couple years- so hopefully it's right and will work!

Can I ask what your herbalist is called?

If this advice doesn't work I think I may go to a gut specialist in london.

How you feeling today?

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AliJ12 Fri 03-Oct-14 07:52:45

Morning M - Jacqueline Cooper
I am well thank you! A tiny set back with eating Brie caused lots of pain in my feet but not as bad as it was before - just enough to let me know I had eaten something that was 'wrong'. I'm back on track again smile
I should have had a creamy goats cheese instead of the Brie but I had a craving for a hot beef n Brie salad. I need to learn to substitute some ingredients on my favourite menu's.
I am having some blood tests today - it will be interesting to know if my inflammation markers are reduced now because of my diet

maiscout Sat 04-Oct-14 13:35:59

I'm glad to hear you're good! My die off is finally gone, and I'm starting to feel better too smile

I feel your pain haha, my favourite cheese is camembert, but obviously that is cows milk, and mould ripened so a no-no for now sad

Let me know whether they have gone down or not!


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AliJ12 Tue 07-Oct-14 17:52:49

Hi Maiscout
I am very happy to say that my inflammatory markers are down so proof that my candida treatment is working! Yay... Happy happy me!
How is your treatment/supplements progressing?

maiscout Tue 07-Oct-14 18:11:49

Waheyyy! I'm so glad to hear that!

I went to see the naturopath today, and unfortunately it was a massive waste of time and money. She basically couldn't tell me anything new and I paid £50 for her to just tell me to keep doing what I'm doing!

On your diet do you eat carrots, sweet potatoes, lentils and beans btw? The naturopath said this was okay but I'm feeling more cautious about trying it since nobody else with candida seems to be eating them.

Also are you taking other supplements?


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MrsMcJnr Mon 27-Oct-14 14:35:56

Hi smile Reading with interest as I think I may have Candida too. Hope you all feel much better soon, if I do have it, it makes you feel horrible. I live in Spain so don´t know how the drs will react to the idea of it. Can´t afford a private nutrionalist so for now I will make a start on the diet and cut out yeast and sugar and see if things improve. I did a questionaire online and I couldn´t believe how many things I have that could be related to it. Feel stupid for not making a connection before

maiscout Tue 28-Oct-14 19:27:56

Hey MrsMCJnr!

I hope you don't have it, its such a hassle to get rid of! I assume the drs in spain would be as bad as the drs in the UK when it comes to this- they have no idea about it at all!

Lots of people are dealing with it themselves, main points are no sugar, yeast and mouldy foods. Taking antifungals (rotating so candida doesn't adapt) and lots of probiotics

I know what you mean! I've been dealing with lots of niggly things for years and hadn't bothered to do anything about it or look into it more. I just accepted UTI's, thrush and IBS as part of life that I couldn't do anything about.

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Laia83 Tue 05-Feb-19 10:09:16

i suffer from recurrent cystitis from e.coli always after sex and candida. don't know what to do. sick of treatments, antibiotics and vaginal creams. my life is a fucking disaster

Toni176 Sat 13-Apr-19 10:50:59

I am in a middle of nightmare atm. I`ve had derm seborrhoea on scalp and around nose for years, also recurrent cystitis. But this winter is something else. I was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis, and after a course of antibiotics, full blown thrush that doesnt seem to go away and is not detectable on the doctors tests. I have been more than 10 times to dos for it and its so awful, not sure what to do. Also have terrible stomach problems since antibiotic. Cramps, pain and loose stools. Does that sound like candida? How to get tested for it?
I have gone through the canesten, fluconazole route and it did nothing. Even got me worse. Now I am on a strict Candida diet, basically eating only non starchy veg, meat, eggs, nuts and yogurt plus supplements. It has been 3 days and I feel worse. Any advise very welcome. I am so miserable.

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