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Quick question re. smear test results

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NewEraNewMindset Wed 17-Sep-14 10:17:25

I have just come back from seeing the nurse re. fertility issues and whilst I was there she have me the results of my smear test.

Apparently I am receiving a letter to say that my results were negative, no abnormalities found, but HPV was detected do they want me to come into the coloscopy (sp?) clinic to have further tests.

Now the reason I'm puzzled is because I know I have HPV due to abnormal cells in the past and the subsequent LLETZ treatment I had done. Why are they acting so surprised now that I have it? The only thing I can think is does it normally lie dormant and mine is 'active'? Could this impact a pregnancy at all?

NewEraNewMindset Wed 17-Sep-14 11:40:15

Just to update a little bit. Got my letter in late post and it seems that even though my smear was normal, the HPV showing as present is High Risk so they want to examine my cervix in more detail to be absolutely sure it is clear.

PepsiTwirl Wed 17-Sep-14 12:00:30

Can u watch yesterday's This morning on catch up or iplayer?

It was all about smears and beyond x

lanbro Wed 17-Sep-14 12:08:01

I've just had a letter saying high risk HPV has been detected at my follow up smear following a loop biopsy. This was my second loop, the first 10 years ago, so I've been having yearly smears for a decade and this is the first time HPV has been detected. I've been with dh for 5 years and had 2 dc so can only presume the HPV has been lying dormant all this time.

Doesn't answer your question I'm afraid but wanted to share!

NewEraNewMindset Wed 17-Sep-14 12:55:51

I will track down the This Morning tape when I get home, thanks for the tip.

A quick google (in the swimming pool changing room!) tells me that your immune system is good at fighting HPV but obviously at the moment mine is active and it's a cancerous strain. I suspect because of this they will ask me to have smears more regularly so they can jump on any changes directly they happen.

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