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trapped wind after hysterectomy

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downbutnotout Thu 11-Sep-14 16:34:30

My friend is suffering from terrible trapped wind after the hysterectomy she had on Monday. She's in agony - does anyone have any tips to help?

FiloFunky Thu 11-Sep-14 16:37:41

Minty things really helped me.

It's possibly the worst part of the healing. Sleep, painkillers and sitting at a 45 degree angle were my only relief!

downbutnotout Thu 11-Sep-14 17:32:59

Thanks Filo. She's in real pain sad

iwantgin Thu 11-Sep-14 17:33:56

Pepper mint tea??

Would she be allowed to take something like Deflatine?

Cornflakesnmilk Thu 11-Sep-14 17:34:22

I would suggest peppermint oil capsules - they're available from Holland and Barrett.

MrsFlorrick Thu 11-Sep-14 17:36:12

Peppermint capsules from holland and barratt.

There is also a pharmacy mint liquid thing. It's strong. And works wonders I had this after both my CSs and it was awful. The minty liquid stuff (don't know what it's called) and the pepper mint capsules did the trick. Always take when eating for the first week to prevent trapped wind.

downbutnotout Thu 11-Sep-14 19:02:21

Thanks all - wish I could do more for her.

FiloFunky Thu 11-Sep-14 19:09:08

Just be there. I was 27 when I had mine. One friend visited once. That was it I was gutted. Made me feel so so much worse xx

Cocolepew Thu 11-Sep-14 19:17:56

Peppermint as others , have said, or something like Windezze (sp)
It will pass, no pun intended, mine only lasted a few days.

IceRocket Thu 11-Sep-14 19:31:52

Buscopan ibs are fab. You can get them from the supermarket I'm sure

IceRocket Thu 11-Sep-14 19:34:08

Yes I checked, asda definitely have them they work wonders

SHESMYDOG2012 Tue 28-Mar-17 21:25:33

Just had full TAH/BSO Friday back home now an in pain.....also suffer with IBS so terrible trapped wind.....any suggestions other than peppermints!

ArchNotImpudent Tue 28-Mar-17 21:31:19

Pepto Bismol worked wonders for me after my TAH/BSO, plus sleeping sitting up for the first few weeks.

ArchNotImpudent Tue 28-Mar-17 21:35:24

SHESMY There's a hysterectomy support thread in this topic if it would help to talk to others who are at various stages of the recovery process - hope your pain eases soon flowers

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