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Huge tummy!

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jojobingo Tue 06-Apr-04 21:46:07

Hi all - I'm a new Mumsnet poster. I wonder whether any of you can give me some advice. My dd is 17 months and has an enormous tummy. She is not fat and only in the 25th centile for height and weight but her belly is huge. It is round and very hard, and from the side she looks like she is pregnant! I thought it would go once she became more active, but it hasn't made any difference. I am now starting to wonder whether it is something I should be worried about (a sign of illness or something). No other symptoms of illness though. Has anyone else's child had this? Thanks!

Hulababy Tue 06-Apr-04 21:58:37

DD is just 2 and goes through stages like this. Her tummy can look huge amd gets larger during the day, the more she eats. But it does go down after a bit. I normally find when it gets pretty big she then has a growth spurt upwars suddenly. DD is in no other ways chubby at all either.

If you are concerned, you could ask your HV though.

efmach Tue 06-Apr-04 22:00:24

Hi, jojobingo. One of my children used to have a spectacular tummy. Toddlers often loose their 'paunch' when they grow older taller. My son is now 7 and is much more slimline. So long as your daughter seems well and healthy, I wouldn't worry. The only other thing I can think of is food intolerances. Some foods can cause a build-up of gas!!! Hope this is useful.

fisil Tue 06-Apr-04 22:07:23

I can't stop laughing at ds. He has just started to walk and I can't work out how he can stay upright with a tummy that huge. And yes, now you mention it Hula, it does change size during the day. I hadn't really thought anything of it, apart from to laugh. I assumed it was the norm!

Hulababy Tue 06-Apr-04 22:09:10

I think it is pretty normal. Have heard the phrase 'toddler tummy' passed around before.

So what is my excuse??????????

Nutcracker Tue 06-Apr-04 22:10:28

My dd is 4 and still sometimes has a big tummy, i wouldn't worry.

kid Tue 06-Apr-04 22:29:34

my DS just turned 2 on Saturday and he also has a sticky out belly! When he just has his nappy on it looks so funny!

lavender1 Tue 06-Apr-04 22:34:46

really think this is normal, my dd has a big tummy, but as long as she moves around a lot, it's perfectly healthy. Would be worried if she didn't have a tummy (putit that way). My sister's children don't and I think they are a little too thin..

Lisa78 Tue 06-Apr-04 22:48:26

So I'm not overweight
I am a toddler

lavender1 Tue 06-Apr-04 22:50:23

great you can eat chocolate till coming out of your ears!!

Nutcracker Tue 06-Apr-04 22:50:58


lavender1 Tue 06-Apr-04 22:52:04


aloha Wed 07-Apr-04 09:33:41

It's the normal toddler shape! They have a lot of internal organs in there and not much room to store them.

CountessDracula Wed 07-Apr-04 12:08:42

PMSL = Piss myself laughing

My dd is 19 months and her tummy was so huge a couple of days ago that we thought she might be up the duff. I think she gets it before a growth spurt - also she had eaten a huge supper and lunch which is not like her and she drank a full bottle - dh picked her up to carry her up the stairs and you could hear her tummy sloshing about!!!

Paula71 Wed 07-Apr-04 23:07:00

My ds twins were prem so are also the 25th centile. I love their little pot-bellies, it is so funny how it gets bigger just after a meal, like expanding contentment. Yet they are all muscle, you can see they are going to be lucky and have DH's metabolism.

If you are worried though, no matter how trivial you may think people will think you are, get advice. Even just to put your mind at rest.

jojobingo Sat 10-Apr-04 20:03:52

Thank you all of you for your advice - I feel much better!

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