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Good mattresses for backpain? Mammoth anyone?

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Gruntbaby Sat 06-Sep-14 15:12:59

I've got back pain and hypermobility - my joints are too loose. Think my mattress isn't helping (Ikea pocket sprung, 8 years old) and been looking today.

Can anyone with similar probs recommend mattresses please? It can't have those quilted tops with big dips and I find memory foam very painful as it adjusts.

I really liked Mammoth mattresses I tried today but there seems to be little on-line about them, and I've heard they have a short trial period, whereas my physio said I needed weeks of trial.

Also tried ad adjustable bed where you can raise legs/head and found it very comfortable. Anyone else use one and do them help?


rustykent Mon 08-Sep-14 12:14:03

First you need to speak to doctor or sleep expert, they will suggest you better advice for a proper mattress. In my opinion medium firm mattress is good for back pain.

suzieQ284 Fri 08-May-15 11:54:52

I know this is an old post, but anyone looking for info on Mammoth Mattress please read: I have had one of these for 2 months now and it is the worst purchase I've ever made. I had no back pain at all in our old bed, but we just thought it was about time we had a new one. We thought we would treat ourselves and get a top-of-the range mattress (they are expensive). My hubby had back pain on our old mattresss, I had none. Now after two months on the Mammoth, his is the same whereas mine is excruciating. It started off with slight discomfort and now it has escalated to terrible stiffness - I can hardly bend to put my socks on in the morning, and lower back pain persists all day. A couple of weeks ago we stayed with family and I was pain free on their guest bed. As soon as I got back to mine it started again. I have since read reports that a too-firm mattress is as bad for your back as a too-soft one. Even though my Mammoth mattress is "regular", it is still very firm. I simply don't know what to do.... they do not do a trial period and their guarantee only covers faults not "perceived comfort". We can't afford to buy another mattress- this one cost £900!! I am going to have a few nights on our bed settee just to have a bit of pain relief (how good for my marriage is this going to be!.....)

helenengland71 Wed 15-Jun-16 13:00:44

I too bought a mammoth mammoth bed in regular for me and my husband (VAT free due to his back condition) and I wish I'd read your review 1st this bed hurts more than our old pocket sprung mattress and wished we'd opted for a softer version.
(regular in the shop seemed ok, but that could be due to the amount of testing its had by shoppers)

I have however found a feather mattress topper works wonders even though their customer services didnt recommend it as it may not 'open the cells' of the foam.

All in all a very expensive mistake with claims to cure back pain which in fact make it worse

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