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Twinkie Tue 06-Apr-04 15:50:01

Can I take it - I serously need to take something?? (Am 8 weeks pregnant by the way so can't use suppositories which are what I usually have to resort to!!)

Tallgirl Tue 06-Apr-04 16:05:52


I recently went to Drs as constipated and getting strange wave like feelings across stomach (lets not go into too much detail here). Prescribed lactulose so def OK in PG. Obviously if you havent got any get it free on prescription!

think it is starting to work...
good luck

Tallgirl Tue 06-Apr-04 16:06:29

whoops forgot to point out that I am 16 weeks PG (losing brain cells already!)

Philly Tue 06-Apr-04 16:35:03

As I understand it lactulose is just liquid sugar, it won't make you go necessarily but will make things softer!

Twinkie Tue 06-Apr-04 16:35:29

Thanks - great relief will pop home and use it now - got nothing planned tonight and DP at the footie so at least he won't have to witness my embarrassement!!

gingernut Tue 06-Apr-04 16:46:42

Yes, lactulose is fine and you can also use Fybogel. I take it you already have some? I know you can get free scrips if you're pg but if you want to bypass the docs you can just buy it OTC from pharmacy.

Twinkie Tue 06-Apr-04 16:49:48

I already have some - don't normally use it cause it seems to work quite quick on me for some reason!! But when DD in bed and DP at footie tonight you can count on where I will be!!

Thomcat Tue 06-Apr-04 17:05:44

It'll soften what's there iykwim

Moomin Thu 08-Apr-04 09:45:45

We all used to swig it on the ante-natal ward and it's fine throughout pregnancy. It didn't work its magic very well with me, though. I ended up on prune juice!! You could try that if you want. I think lactulose tastes VILE

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