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Any dentists around?

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PinkSparklyElephant Wed 03-Sep-14 11:09:06

One of my upper molars was crowned years ago and, because it fitted badly I've had years of niggles. I now go to a different dentist and, a couple of weeks ago, I had the old crown removed with a view to it being replaced.

It turns out that there is very little tooth left so it might not be possible to crown it, even with a post. Does that sound right? I'm prepared to take the risk as I hate having a gap and extraction is my only option.

I was told that I can't have a white crown as it will be too big so I will need have to have a metal one. He said I can either have an NHS silver crown or a private gold crown. He didn't try and push me either way (he doesn't seem keen on crowning it at all) but did say gold crowns bond to the tooth better. Again, does that sound right?

Thanks in advance.

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