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B12 deficient? TTC

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WineNotOclock Wed 03-Sep-14 00:31:05

Looking for some advice. I have a doctors appointment but just wanted some opinions really so I can make my self clearer.

When I was pregnant with ds I had anaemia as well as a B12 deficiency. After giving birth I was given iron pills but no more was mentioned about the B12 (I was given injections whilst pregnant).

I think I had a blood test a while after giving birth and all came back clear. But I can remember a conversation with one GP who said that once you are diagnosed with a B12 deficiency you should have treatment for life as it won't show up on a blood test as your body stores the B12 for up to two years. Is that correct?

The GP left after this and I was busy looking after ds so I never bothered chasing it up.

I have been ttc #2 coming up to a year without any success and I was just wondering if I could be B12 deficient even though I had a blood test way back that was OK. Was the GP right about always being deficient?

I read that it can lead to temporary infertility unless treated, so was wondering if it was worth mentioning.

RockinD Wed 03-Sep-14 09:03:30

Definitely question your current B12 status, and folate as well.

Although it is possible to be spontaneously B12 deficient and for this to be fixed, most people with a B12 deficiency at one point in their life need to keep on top of it and the fact that you were given injections in the past suggests that it was serious at that point.

Ask what your figures were before and for the reference range. If the range starts round about the 200 mark, you need your level to be 500 at least for good neurological health.

The good news is that if you can't get your doc interested, you can sort this yourself with Jarrows sublingual lozenges from Amazon.

lavendersun Wed 03-Sep-14 09:07:19

I am B12 deficient - have had injections for years and never had any problems TTC - literally got pregnant every time I tried first time (had many miscarriages though which was not related to B12 but something else).

My consultant told me I would have to stay on the injections for life.

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