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lightheaded and dizzy 24/7

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dizzychevrolet Tue 02-Sep-14 14:10:55

Hey guys
Just joined so I don't know if this is in the right place. But just want to talk to people who feel the same and see what was wrong with them.

Basically my dizziness started 5 months ago. Firstly it was in small episodes so would all of a sudden get dizzy and everything would spin and I get tunnel vision and feel like I was going to faint but never did. Then it got worse so I was dizzy all the time 24/7 really bad. I was taking beta his tine and another one. But after taking this for 2 months realised it was making it worse.
I had a week in the middle of these 5 months were I felt normal again but got ill and it came back full blown. I was told it was vertigo and an inner ear problem but after being seen by ent and the dr they couldn't see anything wrong with my ears. All bloods came back normal and am waiting on my results from my mri. It's soo depressing as I am a single mother of 2 young children and find it difficult to go out my house and even take my child to school sad some days are better than others and the dizziness has calmed down as in now I can see nothing is moving but I still feel dizzy 24/7! I get headaches, titinus, ear ache and jaw and neck pain (all are not constant just cone and go as they please)And sometimes still can't go further than the shop on my road. I also find my head is better in the sun in day light. And is worse in overcast light and in supermarkets. If anyone can shed any light will be greatly appreciated.
Sorry for the long essay smile

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