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H Pylori.

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Yourarejokingme Tue 02-Sep-14 13:32:18

Anyone have or had this.

I have been told to have no anti acids for a fortnight till my breath test lovely not as the heartburn has flared up already eeekkk not going to be fun at all.

In the meantime I have been told to have 6 small meals a day. Low fat diet which will counter the IBS so I am looking and googling to see what is what and what I can have or not.

I have to switch coffee to decaff which will have to be done gradually as I will get migraines if I don't

I know I need to lose weight and my problem is sweet things of course but it's going to be hard this 6 small/light meals as really not used to that at all.

Yourarejokingme Tue 02-Sep-14 13:33:12

Also what can I take other than milk for the heartburn as the anti acids are of the menu.

Pinkfrocks Tue 02-Sep-14 17:37:31

If you have an ulcer which is caused by h pylori, then the treatment will be antibiotics.
To avoid aggravating a stomach ulcer you have been given the right advice- small meals, no fatty o r fried food, alcohol or caffeine.
You also need to avoid eating quickly, rushing your meals and so on.
Aloe vera juice or tablets can help stomach problems but you ought to check with your dr first in case these are banned like antacids.

Yourarejokingme Tue 02-Sep-14 23:56:35

She only said about antacids and no fatty foods or spicy and 6 meals a day. No antibiotic just yet till the results are in which won't be for at least a month as for the fortnight I have to go cold turkey over the gavascon and then take the test and then wait again. I have been told yogurt drinks may ease the heartburn as I can't drink milk. In fact loads of folks have said that and bicarbonate of soda mixed in water.

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