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Side effects from CT Scan- radiation?

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Kittykat7 Tue 02-Sep-14 10:09:37

I didn't have iodine injected but I estimate I was in the scanner for about 8 mins.
A few hours after I have felt really tired. I have a headache one side & an ache in my jaw. I keep seeing flashing lights. I'm supposed to be going for an interview tonight but just don't feel safe to drive. I've had a huge row with DH as he knows I hate my job & can't understand why I'm not going.

SaucerfulofSecrets Wed 03-Sep-14 20:07:02

Hi kittykat hope you are feeling better today. I'm a radiation safety physicist and whilst the radiation dose you receive is higher when compared with a planar x-ray, such as a chest x-ray, the dose you will have received is much, much lower than the dose at which you would expect to see any immediate "deterministic" effects. Whilst you were in the scanner for 8 minutes, the beam would only have been on for a fraction of that time, again minimising the dose you would receive.

I'm not a medical doctor so can't give you potential reasons for your symptoms, but if they persist please see someone.

If you want to ask any more questions about the ionising radiation bit, please feel free smile

Kittykat7 Thu 04-Sep-14 06:32:44

Thank you Saucerfulofsecrets. I'm feeling better now. It might be if triggered a migraine as I hadn't eaten for about 15 hrs as I just had water in the morning before the appt. It was different to the migraines I usually get as I usually get pain behind one eye & nausea. This one was on all of my right side of my head & jaw & flashing lights. I usually just get a blind spot in one eye.
My blood tests have flagged something up which might be low iron. The receptionist wouldn't tell me but said not urgent. I have appt next Thurs. Thanks for replying.

SaucerfulofSecrets Thu 04-Sep-14 13:04:47

Hi kittykat glad to hear you are feeling better, no food for 15h is enough to make anyone feel out of sorts!

Sounds like your medical team are on top of everything anyway - hope your results come back ok smile

Kittykat7 Thu 04-Sep-14 14:38:24

Thanks Saucerfulofsecrets. I'll mention it to my Dr next week. Hopefully the flagged up tests is just my iron levels.

Mrsmorton Thu 04-Sep-14 19:02:15

Ooh, saucerful. How interesting, I just did my RPS course [clever] and we had an inspection by our RPA two weeks ago. He gave us a genius free solution to an expensive problem. [curtseys]

SaucerfulofSecrets Thu 04-Sep-14 21:49:18

Congratulations on your RPS-ness! Now I hope you use rectangular collimation instead of circular? 《stern》wink Glad you have a common-sense RPA...can be hard to find amongst scientists grin

Mrsmorton Thu 04-Sep-14 21:56:09

Ooh yes, am militant about my rectangular collimator! Had a locum recently, she tried to explain this round collimator like it was a new, wonderful bit of equipment and can I have one please. Erm. Nope.

ALARA cha cha cha ALARA cha cha cha. And so on.

SaucerfulofSecrets Thu 04-Sep-14 22:15:14

We need more people like you on this earth Mrsmorton! I get lots of these looks hmm when I tell consultants undertaking high radiation dose procedures that they might want to use the dose monitors I am trying to give them, you know, to try and prevent cataracts/mangled fingers later in life. I have even brought pictures! Still just get a stony face confused

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