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Massive panic attack - can't breathe, thyroid related? Talk to me please

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itwillbebetter Tue 02-Sep-14 08:46:02

This is going to be jumbled. I am typing whilst coming down from the worst panic attack I've ever had and just need to type to keep my mind from wandering into panic mode again.

I keep posting about thyroid related issues its becoming boring, sorry.
Started Armour 30mg 8 days ago after private endo diagnosed hashi's. Gp was having none of it and so I've always felt a bit of a fraud and so in two minds whether to take medication

I always feel anxiety in mornings followed by complete crash in afternoon as adrenal stress tests show cortisol out of whack. have been working with endo and supplements to try and correct before starting armour.

This morning anxiety just spiralled into massive panic attack. Sort of felt like low blood sugars (sick, shaky) but couldn't catch my breath and felt just utter terror/nervousness. No racing heart though. Lasted 40 minutes.

I will phone endo for advice but please in meantime is this just a blip? Is it my body getting used to armour and it will gradually go away? Does it mean I shouldn't take it? I'm just rambling really but any thoughts and tips to cope would help x

RockinD Tue 02-Sep-14 08:53:36

Hang in there - you're coming down now.

If your adrenals are out of whack, which will show in your cortisol results, then all sorts of things are possible and yes, the panic attack could well be because of that.

What are you doing to support your adrenals? If your adrenals are iffy and you are adding Armour into the mix, even at half a grain, you will need to support them.

Are you with Dr P by any chance? If so, I'm sure things will be clearer when you speak to him.

itwillbebetter Tue 02-Sep-14 09:20:01

I am on adrenomax, nutri-adrenal, siberian ginseng, magnesium citrate and vit d. Not with Dr P but another London based lady.

I know my adrenals are still crap but can't see them getting better any time soon as I deal with a sick child (life long condition and sleep constantly disturbed) as well as running businesses and huge house renovations. Stress is going to be with me a while yet and so because I was feeling so shit with thyroid related symptoms I just had to take the plunge and try the armour regardless of adrenals.

Just tested my heart beat and it is coming out at 56 beats per minute so definitely not racing. I've got the shakes now, like you do after a massive adrenaline surge.
I'm so down, everything I try to do to make myself feel better ends up making things worse. This has been four long years of total crap and my life is slipping through my fingers . Sorry for rant I just feel like I've hit a brick wall.

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