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Menstrual cycles getting shorter -more info than you want about a stranger on the internet...

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FruitBasedDrinkForALady Mon 01-Sep-14 22:29:19

DS is 2yrs and my periods came back when he was 10m. I used the nuva ring for about 5m after my period restarted but no chemical contraception since. It dawned in me today that in the last 10 months my cycle has gone from 28 days to 19. I also seem to have a break in my bleed, spotting for a day or two, very heavy with flooding for 2 days followed by 2 days of spotting or nothing at all, then more gushes of old blood. Given how short my cycle has become, the late gushes are coinciding with ovulation.

When I was pregnant with DD (5yrs ago), I was told at an ultrasound that I had a couple of fibroids, but Ob said it was nothing to worry about. I kind of forgot about them until recently, but my symptoms seem to fit, except for the shortening cycles.

I'm going to be away for most of the next 4 weeks so I'm trying to figure out if I need to get a squeeze in appointment with my gp or if it'll wait til I get back.

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