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What the heck is going on (gallbladder)

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WeeClype Mon 01-Sep-14 16:18:20

Since Feb I had been having pains in my right side after eating too much cheese, cut cheese out and only got the pain if u had eaten too much greasy foods.

I seen my doctor about it as since the month of June pretty much everything I was eating was causing pain and being up most of the night throwing up and being in pain was taking its toll during the day with 2 DC's under 2. I had a scan in August, 2 days later I ended up in a&e with the pain where I was told I had no gallstones but sludge so was sent away with pain killers and told to make a app with the doctor. The doctor has referred me to have the camera down my throat and the sludge will be poked away. At the time I had the scan I was ill from the constant pain plus I hadnt eaten for a week. For about a week and a half I couldn't do anything, I was constantly throwing up, sleeping, just feeling really really drained.

Anyway I woke up one morning feeling human and slowly started eating normally again, I can now eat anything with having pain.

I'm now wondering if I did have a gallstone and the week I was ill that was it passing thru my body, I don't even know if thats possible.

Should I still attend the Endo app when it comes or will they think I'm wasting their time since im ok now touchwood

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Mon 01-Sep-14 20:51:52

I would imagine your gallbladder was inflamed and now it has recovered. But it could all start up again, so you definitely still need to attend. Good luck!

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