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stupid breast doesn't want to get with the programme after mastitis (cross-posted in bf)

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MustHaveMoreTea Thu 28-Aug-14 12:58:23

Right. So. Bf used to = no problem. All ticketyboo. Hurrah and joy and thank goodness that is something that is going well. Then I got mastitis in one breast, and now the stupid organ is literally fucked. Leaving the other one to do all the hard work. Breast 1 is doing like a gazillion feeds a day and Breast 2 only plumps up (not fully filled, but not running in arrears at least!) once a day and once a night.
I've tried all the usual things to encourage general milk production, but it cannot keep up. It is not a problem in itself, the problem is with DC's feeding, because I can only really feed from one Breast 1, and we're constantly running a bit 'behind', meaning that during the day because I have to feed DC more often than was necessary before the stupid mastitis, as I can only use one breast, by the end of the day Breast 1 is getting exhausted too and DC is demanding more, more frequently (and also I suppose getting into the habit of small+often rather than big+lessoften). The last feed at night is much too little for a long sleep for the mite. Only saving grace is that Breast 2 is vaguely full for 3am!
Any tips on getting the damned mammary bap to get back onto the horse, or am I now permanently damaged goods? And if so, are there any mums out there who maybe had a mastectomy or are in a similar position with only breast working for other reasons? Should I stop bf on demand and instead do a massively strict schedule?
I'm this close to putting Breast 2 up for sale on ebay!!!

DayLillie Thu 28-Aug-14 13:12:33

Sorry - no direct experience - hopefully an expert will come along soon.

I can only say that:

a. I was always told to keep feeding through mastitis, as it would help it clear.

b. With twins, I was there was some element of independence of supply to each side so each baby had its own.

Can you use the defunct side first each time, to increase stimulation?

MustHaveMoreTea Thu 28-Aug-14 13:26:42

Thanks Lillie. I should have made clear that I did continue feeding through the dastardly mastitis (guessing the pain of that is what hell feels like. Mastitis is obviously Satan's bitch!), but afterwards the contents never achieved its previous levels. The twin point is interesting too! Two months of stimulation as is usually recommended but with no increase in output.

DayLillie Thu 28-Aug-14 13:35:42

Yes - my eyes are watering with the memory. I used to get blocked ducts on one side, and gave that to my 'hoover' twin. The other one was more of a 'technique' feeder, and may have been the better bet hmm, but there is no way of knowing.

Is that 2 minutes of stimulation, rather than 2 months?

Best of luck, and if it doesn't come back, I have managed to prove that one boob per baby is enough for six months anyway (was knackered by then grin

MustHaveMoreTea Thu 28-Aug-14 13:43:54

'hoover twin'! This just made my day! smile
No, I meant it has been two months since the mastitis cleared, and I'm still not back to how it was. Two minutes of stimulation for anything doesn't sound near enough! (stop them naughty thoughts now).
I think DC is getting enough, yes, but I am getting knackered and dead-jealous of my older self that could do big, long feeds spaced out rather than this rat-race! I can imagine that with twins it must have felt neverending!

DayLillie Thu 28-Aug-14 15:04:56

The twins used to feed beautifully (unlike their big brother who didn't like feeding or sleeping), but with all the winding, nappy changing, washing and dressing, 'posseting' twice over, it was never ending.

Don't assume that if there is no swelling that there won't be any milk. Hope it works out for you.

I think all the 'experts' are on the feeding boards at the moment.

MustHaveMoreTea Thu 28-Aug-14 15:14:56

Lillie. I believe it said that with twins or other multiples you should live move to a warm country, so you never have to put them in any clothes!

DayLillie Thu 28-Aug-14 15:46:16


Karoleann Thu 28-Aug-14 19:00:40

I had the same problem after my second bout of mastitis in DS2. Generally, I could feed just on other breast for one feed, but after that bout of mastitis, I had to swap breasts when starting with the left. I also couldn't express as much with that one.

I just basically changed my feeding regime, I'd start with breast 2 (the one that had mastitis), then swap after a few minutes to the "good" breast.

I never did find out why...but this seemed to do the trick. I'm not generally a long term breastfeeder though, I've had enough by 4 months and by DC3 I started getting breastfeeding migraines.

MustHaveMoreTea Thu 28-Aug-14 19:35:28

Thanks for the input karoleann!!! It's great just to hear it's not me and my useless breasts then!!! Bf migraines must be awful though... sad

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