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Vit D deficiency/frozen shoulder. . related?

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gingerhobo48 Thu 28-Aug-14 12:16:00

Hi, I haven't posted on here before but am feeling really frustrated with my GP.I have been feeling below par for a very long time, I'd say from last Oct at least, possibly longer.
I have had numerous blood tests, my last ones have come back and my Vit D levels are low and I tried to ask for specifics so I could come on here and talk to you lovely ladies, do an internet search but he mumbles and I don't know what he said.I don't think he wanted to tell me but I have a right to know, it's my health after all.Apparently I should have been taking a supplement for the last 5/6 months but I wasn't recalled to the surgery and haven't been taking anything! I feel angry about this.I know my cholesterol is a little high 5.6 he said, so I need to do something about that.This query over possible Vit D defiency has been bandied about for a while along with low calcium in my blood but that seems ok now but why do I feel so rubbish all of the time?
I have such low energy levels I feel wiped out most of the time if I'm honest.I hate feeling so tired all of the time and I'm sure my husband thinks I am lazy.I may have had this for a long time.I have also had HBP for a long time but this seems to be settling down now.
I have been prescribed Colecal (Calcium carb) tablets , 2 to take a day (400iu) which I am starting today.
I also have a query over a frozen shoulder which is really painful.I am waiting on a special shoulder ultrasound to detect soft tissue injury but my appointment isn't until 26/9. It's a long time to wait.I am taking co-codomol and diclofenic.This happened last Sunday week, no trauma or injury just woke up in so much pain.Was on holiday so couldn't get to Drs til last Thursday by then I had literally no movement at all.It is painful to dress, wash, drive as it is my right shoulder.I can't fix my hair it's been really restrictive.In the past I had a frozen shoulder (left) in 2008 and I twisted my left knee and it ballooned up in 2012 and the Consultant queried arthritis after doing some test (it was excruciating) I never went back as I didn't want to face possibly having arthritis :>( .
I know this is really long(sorry) , but from what I have said , could these muscular injuries be related to the Vit D do you think? Apparently my thryroid is fine but I'm sick of feeling so unwell and so much older than what I actually am (48) I can't run for health as my knees hurt, so I walk.If I forget and kneel down my knees can swell up.I would really appreciate some advice on where to go next with this, I'm thinking of phoning the surgery and seeing another Dr, one I can hear who can tell me my results and what they mean.I have more movement in my shoulder but now the pain has travelled up my neck and I want to cry.I am just managing to type this.TIA x

sunbathe Thu 28-Aug-14 12:38:51

Sorry to hear this.

Could you email the surgery with your concerns?

Do you think you need a hearing test?

gingerhobo48 Thu 28-Aug-14 12:49:29

Hi sunbathe, no my hearing is fine he just mumbles and is difficult to understand.He is not my regular Dr but the only one I am ever able to see as no-one else wants to see him so there are always appointments available.There is a really nice female dr there but she is really popular and you can never get an appointment for her but I'm going to try.I was going to complain about him before as when I went to see him with my DD who has really bad acne, he didn't even look up from the computer screen.She was crying as they are making her feel so bad and he didn't even acknowledge her, we were fuming :>(.

sunbathe Thu 28-Aug-14 12:55:42

I know what you mean. Went to see a consultant at the hospital about my bad hearing. He sat with his back to me, occasionally swivelling round and mumbled to boot!

Can you make an appointment in advance for the other doctor? I can book mine online a couple of weeks in advance.

The other option is, I guess, to ask someone to go in with you to the appointment, who doesn't mind asking the GP to repeat himself. Or could the practice nurse sit in?

RockinD Thu 28-Aug-14 19:42:41

I wouldn't be at all surprised if it all turned out to be related, but you might have to turn forensic investigator yourself to prove this as the NHS is only ever interested, in my experience, in looking at one symptom at a time in isolation and at the expense of the big picture.

You are 48, various bits of your body are giving out, shoulder, knees, you have a vitamin D issue, but have been prescribed calcium (if your vitamin D levels are good, that will regulate your calcium levels without the need to take a supplement) and your thyroid has been tested and pronounced 'fine'.

Sounds like time to get a copy of all your test results, together with the reference ranges, and find out just where everything is.

I was left with a 'frozen shoulder for nine years, couldn't carry anything, blow dry my hair, hang out washing, hoover, etc etc. It resolved spontaneously once assorted vitamin and mineral deficiencies and an underlying thyroid problem were fixed.

gingeroots Thu 28-Aug-14 20:33:01

Frozen shoulders are horrid ,you have my sympathy . I think when they're in the acute stage ,as yours sounds like it is ,there's not much treatment . You have to wait until not so painful .

Sorry to add to your woes but I think you should be taking something like omeprazole to protect your stomach if you're taking diclonfenac on a long term basis . And watch for constipation with the co codamol .

ihatethecold Thu 28-Aug-14 20:42:52

Why don't you go see a physio privately.
I have just found a great one to finally help with a long term shoulder/back problem.
The nhs physios were useless compared to seeing someone myself.
I know it's not cheap but being without pain is worth it.

RockinD Thu 28-Aug-14 20:57:54

Given the picture that is starting to come together, you would need to be very careful about taking omeprazole without clarifying the vitamin D issue.

Often it is low stomach acid that leads to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and damping it down only leads to more problems.

gingerhobo48 Thu 28-Aug-14 22:06:12

Thank you everyone for your replies.With my last frozen shoulder I did manage to get physio on the NHS (6 sessions) I have this thing about being touched by people I don't know which doesn't help, could never have a massage, my back completely knots up I hate it.RockinD, what I am taking is for my calcium levels and not Vit D levels? I'm confused.He didn't mention my calcium just kept going on about my Vit D levels and drinking milk and eating butter and getting sunlight.He said it was higher than last time but borderline and needs supplements.
I am also annoyed as I pay for my prescriptions which we all know are not cheap and the pharmacist said he should have put on a x2 amount and I just pay once.It's a repeat prescription so I need to go back he didn't say anything about seeing me again(he really is a messer) I couldn't change the prescription but will make an appointment to see another Dr before I run out.The pharmacist seemed pretty disgusted with my Dr as he said I should be on them for at least 6 mths and then tested again.The Dr didn't say any of this.
I am an early years teacher.I sit on little chairs at little tables, which kill my knees.I spend a lot of time on the carpet with the kids which is not good for my knees.I need more stamina, I am sick of hobbling about because my lower back is twinging(hurt it first time stepping off a bus and misjudging distance to kerb, when I was 19) and my knee swelling up.

RockinD Thu 28-Aug-14 22:30:43

So he's said your vitamin D is borderline and requires supplements but hasn't prescribed any? Have I got that right?

gingerhobo48 Thu 28-Aug-14 22:52:22

Well yeah, it sounds like it.I need to see another Dr don't I? He sounds really incompetent, he's old, he shakes, he doesn't look at you, he just takes your blood pressure and sends you for blood tests.The last one, he said , make it fasting, the phlebotomist said you don't need to fast but took a fasting one.All I remember is that he ticked all the usual boxes plus ESR and he wanted the liver count and thyroid one done too.

gingeroots Fri 29-Aug-14 09:34:08

RockinD - good point about omeprazole ,stomach acid levels and Vit D . I'd forgotten that .

gingerhobo - Colecal has Vit D in it . I think they combine Vit D with calcium because it helps absorption .

I agree about a private physio and I sympathise about not liking to be touched .I am the same but have found that I can relax more with some people than others .

When a private physio was treating my frozen shoulders she did keep suggesting I look at my Vit D levels and that I should get some sun . So I think there must be a link .

gingeroots Fri 29-Aug-14 09:44:19

PS I think working with early years children must be up there with the most exhausting of jobs .

How's your diet ? I found a protein rich ,carb light lunch really helped my energy levels when I was in similar job . Prawn salads .

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