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I took a tumble last week

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Sallythedog Thu 28-Aug-14 09:34:43

and shook myself up a bit. Both legs from mid calf down were a bit sore, and one was grazed. Since then, bruising has come out, again from mid calf down, but now includes the backs of my legs, and my feet. It's quite severe, and blue/black, sore and covers my legs completely.

OK, I'm not too bothered about what it looks like, but I now have this irrational fear - I'm flying to southern Europe next week, and am concerned about blood clots. Feel sure I'm being bonkers, as blood clots have to be in veins, don't they, and bruising is blood under the skin. I think.

Could somebody please reassure me

Kittykat7 Fri 29-Aug-14 06:49:40

Maybe show a pharmacist & see if they can advise. Or see the practice nurse just to be sure. Hope the bruising goes soon. I fell over on my stomach in the road at 38 weeks pregnant. I really hurt my knees & hands. I was right outside the hospital so walked to A & E & was kept in overnight. When I fell down all I cared about at the time was if anyone had seen me & if they were laughing at me.

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