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Nipple discharge

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Bambamboom Wed 27-Aug-14 13:16:11

My medical past confuses even me so apologies if this makes little sense!
Before I had my dd, I had this white (milky) nipple discharge, it started out with just my left breast and then spread to both. I went to the doctors and she told me it was because I smoked, yes because I smoked.
So I stopped and the discharge continues to this day.
I was diagnosed with sub clinical hypothyroidism and was put on 25mcg of levithyroxin.
I later became pregnant and since then my meds have gone up to 125mcg.
Bare with.
Now, I mentioned the nipple discharge to my endocrinologist who tested my prolactin but this was obviously high as I was pregnant (don't know why he bothered) but due to the nipple discharge being long before my pregnancy and the headache so suffered from he said that it's likely I have a prolactinoma (a benign tumour that means your over produce prolactin)
However my prolactin levels are now normal, yay. So they've decided I don't have this prolactinoma. Thing is the nipple discharge is still there, but I've got a 18 month old so they just say it will be and can be for upto 3 years.
But my worry is, I had this before I was pregnant and nobody has refered me to a breast clinic or anything.
Should I be concerned? I just don't know what to do as I don't want to seem totally over the top but surely you shouldn't randomly leak milk before you've even been pregnant?
They are driving me round the bend at the moment, my nipples are really itch (sorry tmi) and I'm constantly
Worrying. And no I'm not pregnant (unless my implant has failed)
Sorry..,if you've read this far I am impressed. Anyone else had anything remotely similar happen?

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Wed 27-Aug-14 20:23:52

Well. I can see why you're confused smile.
My guess would be that's it's thyroid related, or normal for you. You know some women can lactate spontaneously through breast massage, before pregnancy, so it does happen. Why don't you mention it all to GP and get them to do an examination?

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