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Painful foot - no idea what has caused it.

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I have developed pain in my left foot - it started in the little toe, but even then was odd, in that, if I took hold of the toe or moved it (say, if I was cutting my toenails and needed to get at the little one) it was burningly painful, but almost immediately afterwards, I'd be able to touch it, press it, even walk on it with no pain at all - and there was nothing to see either - no swelling or redness, and I hadn't bashed it or dropped anything on it, or injured it in any way I could recall.

This has spread outwards onto the top of my foot, with some tingling and numbness on the top of my foot, at the base of my little toe and the next one. Again, it feels like burning under the skin, but there is no swelling or redness, and no recent injury - and it doesn't hurt to have my shoes touching my foot or to walk on it, but does hurt other times.

I am - well, used to be - a nurse, and I am baffled. Have I damaged a nerve somehow? Is it gout? Is my foot possessed? I am genuinely at a loss - and if anyone has any idea what this could be, I would be really grateful!

headinhands Wed 27-Aug-14 22:23:31

Hi op. How much is it affecting your day to day life? Are you 40+? I ask because I'm 43 and in the last couple of years I have had numerous random weird pain/sensation in numerous areas of my anatomy that goes on for a bit before disappearing. I personally think it's my body's way of saying 'old age is gonna suck'. grin

It doesn't affect my life much at all - I can walk on it fine, and wearing shoes doesn't bring on the pain - and yes, I am 40+ coughcoughfiftythisyearcoughcough, so you are probably right - it is 'old age gonna suck'!

Thank you for answering thanks - I was feeling that no-one loved me and my foot. sadblush

headinhands Thu 28-Aug-14 11:43:48

I'm glad it's not causing you any issues as such other than weirding you out. With 'general freaky stuff that my body is doing' it would have to effecting my quality of life before I'd see the GP or I'd be there a lot. I'd also add don't google because I have lost sleep after consulting Dr Google with strange symptoms. He's a viscous b*****d. grin

Ohh for sure, headinhands!!

Flipflops7 Fri 29-Aug-14 00:20:25

It does sound a little like gout, which I have some experience of. Apparently women can only get it post menopause so that might help you diagnose or rule out?

TropicalHorse Fri 29-Aug-14 00:37:23

Google Morton's neuroma. I've had to get custom orthotics but now it's gone!

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