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Combined pill without gaps?

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Fckthis Wed 27-Aug-14 09:40:53

A few years ago I was on the combined pill and suffering from headaches during the breaks every 4 weeks. My GP at the time advices missing the gaps three times in a row, then have a gap. This worked well, apart from making me wonder what was I doing to my body. I did this for maybe 2-3 years.
A decade later I am back on the combined after a child. Since his birth I've struggled with mental health, have had CBT and been on citalopram (now off it). I now get incredible pmt, so I feel my hormones are out.
Would having no gaps again help regulate or stabilise my hormones? Anyone else done the no gap thing for whatever reason?
Have to leave it here as DS is crying.

Lovethesea Wed 27-Aug-14 16:28:13

I tricycle my pills microgynon. Means I only have 4 periods a year which is fine. If I go past 3 packs I bleed a little but otherwise it works very well for me.

I was on citalopram for over 2 years and recently came off but that was more parenting pressures and exhaustion, the pill back to back helps with stress as I have very little pms to deal with and don't have to use sanitary towels much which is good given the ongoing urge incontinence from childbirth damage.

Walking advert for kids me!

Fckthis Wed 27-Aug-14 16:36:19

lovethesea isn't motherhood great?wink

Did your GP recommended this? Mine didn't say anything about it, it was Dh who remembered I used to do that.

Fckthis Wed 27-Aug-14 17:57:19

And does anyone know what does it do long term?? as in if you don't ovulate now it that egg available for later??? Or something bad...

Lovethesea Wed 27-Aug-14 19:38:50

My understanding Is that they left the fake period In to reassure women they weren't pregnant. My GP said it was fine to do 3 packs back to back and had no adverse impact on longterm health.

specialsubject Wed 27-Aug-14 21:26:17

your hormones are individual to you and no-one else's experiences are relevant. There's no proof that not ovulating does any harm.

Please go back to your GP for advice.

Fckthis Thu 28-Aug-14 09:20:50

Of course we are all individuals and other people experiences are nothing but that: other people's experiences. I am asking in the same way that we share childbirth stories.

The trouble with MY hormones is that my GP knows as much about them as you do.

As I've just started the pill I'm going to take breaks and see how it goes. But is good to know other GPs out there are recommending sometimes to go in a row.

DayLillie Thu 28-Aug-14 13:24:52

I found that I could avoid headaches in the week off by drinking water frequently.

Keep some water by you and drink it as you work etc and have your normal cups of tea or whatever. Or take a bottle out.

It is feeling thirsty that is the trigger, so you don't have to be dehydrated or anything to get the headache.

If that fails, painkiller at first sign

PinkSparklyElephant Thu 28-Aug-14 16:10:55

I found evening primrose oil helped the headaches. I had to take the maximum dose and it took a couple of months to kick in but it definitely made a difference.

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