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Prolapse anyone???

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Lisa78 Mon 05-Apr-04 17:18:57

I was having a wee last night, like you do, DH made me laugh and I just felt something give - when I looked down, I saw my insides sticking out - must admit, I nearly fainted! But I figured it wasn't excrutiatingly painful, nor was I bleeding so it could probably wait until morning, but DH took one look and off we went to casualty. They took me straight thru to a doctor who honestly but unhelpfully announced that there was no point in him examining me as he wouldn't know what it was that was protruding but he would contact Gynae. It took 5 hours to be seen... Urgh
Anyway, the gynaecologist said it does appear to be a cervical prolapse, rather than my bladder or bowel (oh God!) and since it was "moderate" and I'm not bleeding or in agony, she discharged me pending an appointment with the consultant - which will probably be 2-3 weeks.
I know its a bit gross, but I have managed to sort of push it back up, though it doesn't feel quite right - you know that feeling you get if a tampon isn't in quite right? I have got some vague aches low down in my tummy and some hip pain (I've been having these for a few days and thought it may be residual SPD since I have been walking all over the place lately) - is this related?
Anyone any experience? I'm a bit creeped out by it tbh, though the hospital didn't seem in the slightest bit concerned, so I'm not going to panic. (She says, panicking!)
I may never forgive DH though - got to the reception in casualty and when she asked what the problem was, before I could answer, he said "It looks like her cervix is falling out of her vagina" The whole waiting room went quiet.... Bloody man - he said the V word. In relation to me. In a public place. Cringe

Lisa78 Mon 05-Apr-04 17:19:55

DS2 is 5 months old btw

misdee Mon 05-Apr-04 17:28:51

yeah, possibly i have one. i have am appointment this week to ask the gp what it is. its liek a lump protroding out of ym vagine. and it does feel odd. will let u know what they say.

Lisa78 Mon 05-Apr-04 17:39:17

can you push it back up misdee - or am I even weirder?

misdee Mon 05-Apr-04 17:42:44

yeah, but it just pops back out. i feel odd discussing this but surely someone on here must have had one corrected. i'm just worried a bit in case its really bad and exercises wont correct it and they go for surgery. i'll ask them to make it like a brand new fanny.

alexsmum Mon 05-Apr-04 17:49:29

Hi yeah, i have one too. I went to my g.p who just said there was a degree o f prolapse and to do lots of pelvic floor excercises. my baby was 5 months old when it happened too.She said that it wasn't unusual given the baby's age and weight at birth.
some days it feels really low and other days it feels normal. bit rude this but sex really helps if you orgasm because the muscles really tighten. hope this isn't too much info. excuse the typing and spelling am doing it one handed with babs on my knee.

suzywong Mon 05-Apr-04 17:54:15

sounds like your dog is due to have his teeth cleaned with a certain man's toothbrush again, lisa78

Lisa78 Mon 05-Apr-04 18:24:50

Not just the dogs teeth Suzy

Am I being thick here, cos I don't know that we *could* have sex - it feels like my cervix would be in the way IYSWIM!

misdee Mon 05-Apr-04 18:34:05

hold on, if things have dropped, does that lessen my chance of conceiving?

Lisa78 Mon 05-Apr-04 19:33:01

Don't know misdee - at a guess I would say your ability to conceive was unchanged but wouldn't it have some impact on the pregnancy itself; wouldn't a pregnancy push it down heavier???

Do you feel like you could wet yourself at any moment, cos I do, its bloody annoying

Lisa78 Tue 06-Apr-04 20:09:22

Come on ladies!!! Someone out there must have some advice on this - me and Misdee can't be the only mners to be able to see our cervix

geekgrrl Tue 06-Apr-04 20:27:20

don't know if this is any help - after ds's birth (4.5 months ago) everything was also nearly falling out - urgh - went to see my GP at 5 wks postpartum who diagnosed a moderate bladder/pelvic floor prolapse. I've been doing 5 sets of 50 pelvic floor squeezes every day since (nothing like being told that I'll probably pee myself when going for a run) and it's got a lot better, so much so that I'm ready to cancel my appointment with the gynaecologist/surgeon who is to assess whether my pelvic floor needs to be hoisted back into place surgically. It doesn't quite feel like it used to but I don't have to go for Teena Lady just yet.

Lisa78 Tue 06-Apr-04 20:32:11

Thanks GG

The pelvic floor squeezes, you mean the ones like you are trying to stop yourself weeing, yes?

misdee Tue 06-Apr-04 20:38:18

yup thise are the ones. i've done relugiously. can i ask what weight our babies were. dd1 was 6lb 15oz, dd2 was a 9pounder.

Lisa78 Tue 06-Apr-04 20:42:36

8lb 1/2 oz and 9lb 7oz - and I'm only 5ft 2! Also had SPD with the second one so wondered if that had anything to do with it?

misdee Tue 06-Apr-04 20:47:10

i'm only 5ft 3, and also had spd towards the end of my pregnancy with dd2. i also wonder if my weight is anything to do it as have put on weight recently. will try and sort that out as well tomorrow.

Lisa78 Tue 06-Apr-04 21:15:24

yeah, I ended up a stone over weight - ate rather a lot when pg!
Will you let me know what your GP says misdee?

misdee Tue 06-Apr-04 21:22:06

yup will do. tho be prepared for asome crude jokes as i get that way sometimes. for some reason i can joke about my saggy bits.

nappybaglady Tue 06-Apr-04 21:24:49

ooooh, my heart is pounding. I've been lurking for weeks but this is my first post.
Had v small prolapse - felt like dodgy tampon after dd (3y) but all fine after ds (6m). Prolapse is v common(sorry) and most get better with pelvic floor exercises. You can find details of those in almost any antenatal book or boots/mothercare catalogue.

When bits are actually dangling out there is still some hope of getting back to normal just with PFE but you might need an op. It's Ok to push it back in. Hip & tummy pain quite likely to be related to your prolapse.

Hope this helps. going offline for a bit now but will look in later

Codswallop Tue 06-Apr-04 21:25:20


misdee Tue 06-Apr-04 21:26:08


so we're not the only ones who are wuite willing to share stories of our sagging bits then. thank goodness. thought we had no shame there gfor a while lisa.

bighug Tue 06-Apr-04 21:53:31

Misdee, I had moderate prolapse of bladder/bowel whcih became apparent during second pregnancy. I was wearing tena lady for the last 4 months. After delivery, my cervix was very low in my vagina, almost protuding. Gynae said that it would probably go back by itself with exercise. I felt desperate about the prolapse during pg and pretty distraught about the cervical prolapse too (had v. bad cervical tear at delivery, lost 1300ml of blood and had cervix sewn back together on the delivery table and I think this contributed to the prolapse). Felt like sex life was doomed etc etc. Anyway, to cut short my ramblings, and to reassure you, the cervix is back where it should be now (I had check 6 months after birth of DD (my number 2)this is due to time and a bit of pelvic floor exercising. I could be offered surgery to really hoist it all back (bladder and bowel mainly) ("when your family is complete" that coy phrase), I will see how bad I am when I decide that day has come. I still leak sometimes when I sneeze, and I can't really jump or run withough leaking, so I guess I am quite bad. I just don't jump or run much. I also can feel my faeces bulging into my vagina (the bowel and vagina share a common wall) and sometimes almost out of the opening. How's that for a graphic Mumsnet post - someone else tell me they have this too????!! I'll be really embarassed otherwise.

Lisa78 Tue 06-Apr-04 22:01:32

thank God for the posts eh Misdee! I thought we were going to be shunned by the MN community for having visible cervixes Its really bugging me being able to feel it - I push it back everytime I go to the loo but it just comes back down, bastard cervix!
PFE really can make it okay then? My friends sister had a bad prolapse and has been told that she will need an op but she will have to have 3 months off work and NO lifting, not even her baby?! Eh?

nappybaglady Tue 06-Apr-04 22:26:39

I used to have post-it notes saying "PFE" all around the house to remind me to keep doing them.

Good luck

Might be brave and pop into the bar now but won't mention the dangly bits on my first night...

misdee Wed 07-Apr-04 12:17:35

yup its a prolaspe. gotta do lots of exercises and go back if it starts to cause problems or drops even further. surgery is not an option as we are trying for another baby, but at least its not too bad. just spoke to my mum as she has problems as well and apprently it almost runs in the family, oh goody, why didnt they tell me that b4. heh.

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