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Ligament injury - who to see?

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QTPie Tue 26-Aug-14 14:21:06

I have some sort of ligament injury to my knee). No noticeable swelling. Not in pain as such (but discomfort depending on what I am doing). I have restricted range of movement (it is my knee) and cannot recover from a full lunge (no strength in back if my knee and lots of discomfort - feels "wrong"). Have stiffness coming down the inside of my calf too.

Recently I have re-started leg/knee intensive sport again (after an 8 year break). I was at high level. A baby and much TTC later I am 40 (still fit - gym, running, interval training, but nothing so intensive on my knees). Body creaking with picking up the sport again, but no knee pain etc. However the morning after a training session, I was walking across the lawn, caught a unseen dip and my knee either locked out or may have bent the wrong way slightly - ouch! No pop, no bad pain, but a jar and uncomfortable. 4 days later - and visiting kids (not much R&R at all and probably far too much walking), feels no better at all.

Internet search suggests possibly a PCL injury sad. I want to see someone to work out how much and what to do.

My feeling is going to see a physio - rather than a GP: I feel that a physio would have more experience of assessing such an injury and more advice (other than "rest it and don't be such a silly old fool doing high impact sport" - although the latter is paying on my mind... The sport would not have caused the injury, but it likely to have stressed/softened/stretched the ligaments...).

Thoughts? Physio first? GP?

Musicaltheatremum Tue 26-Aug-14 22:37:48

Physio first.. Tend to get a longer appointment and physios see this all the time so manage them better. ( I'm a GP)

BlackandGold Tue 26-Aug-14 22:40:57

Physio. Preferably done through a sports injury type clinic.

We have an excellent one locally which costs about £40 for a 30min appt.

QTPie Tue 26-Aug-14 23:25:03

Thank you and thank you. smile

Will phone up tomorrow and get an appointment (at a recommended physio).

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