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worried after appointment

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misty79 Sun 24-Aug-14 09:02:08


This is my first post, I'll try not to make it too long.

A few weeks ago I got severe period pains that lasted about three days but were really sore. Ten days later it came back for about four days. Just like period pains but worse. I also had pmt and the usual spots but only very slight bleeding which is usual as I have the mirena coil.

I contacted the family planning clinic in case something was wrong with the coil so went in on Thursday to get checked.

When she looked at my cervix straight away she said when was your last smear? I said eighteen months/two years ago. She said are you sure? I as getting worried and she said you have redness on your cervix you need to come back and see the consultant.

She said I had quite a bit of discharge so checking for thrush, B2B and something else. I was quite worried and she said it's probably nothing, the doctor will say I'm just fussing etc but she wouldn't look at me.

I am 35, had my first smear at twenty and have never had an abnormal smear.

I'm extremely worried. I'm going back on Tuesday. She said if she was really worried she would have me in today but she was avoiding me when she was talking.

What are the chances of it bein cancer? I'm so scared and now every twinge is making me panic.

Also had a lot of cramping and bleeding since the appointment. It's really sore.

I'm sorry I'd it sounds silly but I need to talk about it.

Thanks very much.

LuluJakey1 Sun 24-Aug-14 11:19:32

Try not to panic.

I have had severely abnormal cells come back on smears and had treatment twice- 8 years ago now and have been fine since.

It could be something very simple and normal like a cervical erosion - where cells from the inside of the cervix grow on the outside - requires no treatment

The cramps and bleeding are more likely to be associated with your coil.

The symptoms you describe are not necessarily connected together.

Thrush can cause redness and discharge.

I had abnormal bleeding - caused by a benign polyp.

Honestly- just try not to worry. I know it is really difficult but try not to worry.

misty79 Sun 24-Aug-14 12:35:06

Thanks for the reply.

She said I had a lot of discharge but I've had thrush before and I'm pretty sure I don't have it now.

It is hard not to worry, the cramping is so painful again so it's hard not to think about it.

I have six months left on my coil and she said the coil looks fine. I've had it for four years with no problems.
She did another smear test as well.
It ws just the way she said it when she saw my cervix that's panicing me.

I'm going on Tuesday to see the doctor at the clinic so I'm hoping they'll say it's fine but I'm nervous.

LuluJakey1 Sun 24-Aug-14 23:24:35

Redness is a sign of inflammation - can be caused by lots of things.

Don't panic.

Cells take a long time to turn from pre- cancerous to cancerous (up to 10 years) Smear tests pick up pre- cancerous cells. Most would go back to normal if left. They often don't even remove them- just do more regular smears to monitor them. They only remove them if there are lots of them and they are severely abnormal.

If you have had a smear test 2 years ago and no abnormalities were picked up, the chances of the redness being anything serious are really tiny.

It could be an infection even which might explain the pain.

Just try not to worry.

I went to a gynaecological oncology centre every year for 10 years for follow ups. Had a yearly colposcopy and smear. You might have a colposcopy- they look at the service with a high powered microscope and can tell immediately what they are seeing. So there is no waiting. It is just like a smear.

Let me know how you get on- pm me if you want any more info or to chat.

misty79 Mon 25-Aug-14 11:50:06


My younger sister recently had to go for treatment after an abnormal smear. She had the worst type but is only 21 and we've read that this can be common in younger women.

I've had a lot of bleeding since the appointment, I usually only get a tiny amount of spotting, which is why I love the Mirena!

I've not had any other unusual bleeding though or bleeding after sex.

Abut six weeks ago I was sore on the outside, I had used a feminine deodorant so assumed that is what had caused it. I'm wondering if that could be related now.

She said she was testing for cervitis (sp), chlaymidia, gonorreah, thrush and bacterial vaginosis. I'm worrying in case my husband could have cheated but I know that's not a very nice thing to think sad

The pain is pretty bad though.
Hopefully it will go fine tomorrow,

Boysclothes Mon 25-Aug-14 11:51:43

Has someone done a pregnancy test?

misty79 Mon 25-Aug-14 14:39:41

No. She said the coil is sitting in right so hopefully its not a possibility!

LuluJakey1 Tue 26-Aug-14 21:45:45

How did today go Misty?

misty79 Wed 27-Aug-14 08:03:38


The doctor didn't seem to bothered really. He had a look and did an internal but didn't find anything. He said my tests all came back negative.

He suggested getting my coil changed early so I'm going back in two weeks for that.

I'm glad he didn't find anything wrong buy it still doesn't explain the agony I've been in.

Hopefully it will pass on its own.
I get so nervous and he was getting grumpy with me but I find it hard to relax during the examination.

LuluJakey1 Wed 27-Aug-14 10:53:55

Well you must feel somewhat reassured?

But if you are not happy, see your GP and ask to be referred to a specialist gynaecologist.

Was the Dr at the Family Planning Clinic senior? I ask because I was once sent by the nurse to see the Dr at FPC because she could not find my cervix to do a smear test. She had done one which came back as not enough cells but had not told me she hadn't seen my cervix when she did it.

Dr at FPC did one test, results came back that there were no cells on the smear to look at. I went back and he did another one. Same result. I went back again and he said he had not been able to find my cervix but had done the smears anyway - never told me that at the time. After a lot of poking about, he said he still could not find my cervix.

It turned out he was a medical student! By that point I was panicky - I mean where could it have gone? I had no idea where a cervix could go . My DH asked had I dropped it somewhere or was it in my handbag with all the rest of the stuff that gets lost in there. smile The Dr said there was a woman's clinic at the city hospital weekly and you could go without an appointment.

I went and saw a fantastic female consultant- she was calm, sensible and listened to my panicky tale of woe- she found my cervix immediately and said it was exactly where she would expect it to be. She explained they are supported by muscles and move all the time but not long distances smile and inexperienced junior Drs and nurses often 'lose' them.

She did the smear - my 4th by then, quickly and with no discomfort and it came back fine. Sometimes it is about seeing the right person- experienced. and knows what they are doing. She had set the clinic up to provide good healthcare for women and everyone there raved about her.

I bet there is a straightforward explanation for your pain but you need to know what it is.

misty79 Wed 27-Aug-14 12:38:27

I am reassured it just bothers me that he had already decided it was fine before he even looked!

I think he just is The Doctor at the clinic. He seemed experienced.I didn't know your cervix could move!
I've never gave mine much thought though.

I'll get checked again when I go back for a new coil so I'm sure it will be fine.

LuluJakey1 Wed 27-Aug-14 19:54:32

Glad you are feeling better and have a plan.

NoNippers1 Fri 29-Aug-14 01:34:21

Hi Misty79
Thought I'd just send you this NHS link...

NoNippers1 Fri 29-Aug-14 01:37:05

Hi Misty79
I forgot to send you NHS link in last post .Here it is!!!!

misty79 Sat 30-Aug-14 12:45:34

Thanks for that. I'll go have a read x

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