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My partner has halitosis and I don't know how to raise it

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NewEraNewMindset Sat 23-Aug-14 21:47:03

I have talked to him about it in the past, but felt like he didn't take me particularly seriously, probably not helped by the fact that I did it via text and soft soaped it.

Lately it's been really bad again. I have no idea what is causing it. He doesn't smoke, doesn't eat any wildly spicy or garlicky food. His teeth are good but he doesn't floss. I make sure he goes to the hygienist regularly and the last time he came back I did check to see if the bad breath had gone and it hadn't, so I don't think it's particules of food or anything.

I know he gets a sniffly nose quite a lot so I have no idea if it could be sinus related. Problem is: is there a solution out there? I hate the thought of raising it with him and then him being able to do nothing to sort it out.

It's making me not want to kiss him and I find myself moving away from him when he talks as at times it can be that offensive. I do think if it continues much longer I will have the difficult conversation with him and just say I love the bones of him but his breath is nasty. It's as simple as that.

Anyone sorted their or their partners bad breath?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 23-Aug-14 22:55:07

It sounds like it could be sinus trouble . Did the Hygienist mention anything?

(Though , I'm a Podiatrist and I wouldn't say to a patient "Your feet fecking stink BTW" - unless they asked me for advice. (And I'd be subtle smile I would however say something if someone had dirty feet. So it sounds like your DH teeth/gums are clean enough )

What to do?

My lovely DS gets vile if he's dehydrated but it's an easier conversation to have with your child than your DH, I reckon.

I bought him Retard X mouthwash (and there's a new one on the market CB12 but I haven't tried this )
DS liked Retard X because it's bland, he doesn't like strong mint (you can put in a mint sachet to flavour)

I say to DS (who is a teen, so you need to tread carefully) " DS, have you had a drink of water ? No. I can tell"
We have had The Talk that his mates wouldn't tell him, but as his Mum, I will, because I don't want him to be embarassed.
(Same with teen BO /spots/greasy hair. Oh the glamour) hmm

I think, if you are worried about offending him, buy him some mouthwash, leave it in the bathroom, pointedly. Though if he doesn;t take that hint, you might need to be cruel to be kind and tell him. sad

PenelopeGarciasCrazyHair Sat 23-Aug-14 23:06:34

Does he drink enough? I find that my mouth tastes horrible if I'm a bit dehydrated. Also if I've drunk orange juice. I remember a guy I went on a date with once saying never to drink oj on a date as a girl he'd been seeing always did and her breath was terrible!

FrankSpencer Sat 23-Aug-14 23:09:21

Tonsil stones perhaps?

DorothyGherkins Sat 23-Aug-14 23:12:47

Any long term infection going on in throat, ears etc? Any digestive problems? I d just tell him his breath was a bit pongy, and I was worried something wasn't quite right, and I d feel happier if the doc would check him out. He d never agree to go though, would he.

NewEraNewMindset Sun 24-Aug-14 07:58:50

Thank you everyone. He has the hide of a rhino so hints won't help and he won't use mouthwash because he thinks it gives him mouth ulcers.

I'm going to have to sit him down soon and have a talk I think. I always feel like I am criticising him for something whether it's lack of foreplay (last big 'talk') or terrible eighties jeans lol.

Both now remedied but I think this breath problem going to be tricky. I hate being mean to him but what if people at work have noticed too? His personal hygiene is gorgeous and he smells fab otherwise sad

Fixerupperz Sun 24-Aug-14 08:01:21

No such thing as halitosis its a term made up by a company.

Fixerupperz Sun 24-Aug-14 08:03:34

Sorry, not helpful in the slightest.

gamerchick Sun 24-Aug-14 08:03:42

hmm what do you call it then?

stonecircle Sun 24-Aug-14 12:44:21

Same problem here. I have told DH in the past that his breath is smelly and he's brushed longer and used lots of mouth wash. Problem is he won't floss and he won't go to the dentist. He's needle phobic so only goes to the dentist in an emergency and hasn't been for years. The rest of us go every six months or so and if I suggest making him an appointment he gets very defensive and says his teeth are fine.

I've tried referring to the evidence that plaque is linked to heart disease so flossing and having plaque removed by the dentist is not just a cosmetic thing but he won't budge.

I don't like him kissing me and I can't believe he doesn't know why I pull away/turn my head.

Otherwise his personal hygiene is excellent and he's a lovely kind man.

I'm wondering if I just have to tell him that it's his decision to risk teeth and health but if he won't improve his oral hygiene then I don't want him to kiss me anymore. Which would be very sad, but I don't know what else to do.

NewEraNewMindset Sun 24-Aug-14 12:54:29

Stone circle it sounds like your DH is phobic of the dentist, which is going to be extremely difficult to sort out. I think you are going to hAvecto be clear that until he gets his teeth sorted out you won't be kissing him and it's as simple as that. Then it's his choice.

gobbin Mon 25-Aug-14 10:57:31

From what you've said about the sniffly nose then sinus trouble sounds quite likely.

It could also be lactose intolerance. My DS has this to a mild degree and his breath smells like a toilet the next day if he eats cheese or yoghurt. Milk in drinks or cereal doesn't bother him, just fermented milk.

3littlefrogs Mon 25-Aug-14 11:00:03

Really bad breath can be a sign of kidney problems so he should see his GP.

mouselittle Mon 25-Aug-14 21:01:43

I second tonsil stones. There is lots of info about them on the Internet. They can usually be quite easily removed at home. There are you tube videos on how to remove them.

juditz Tue 26-Aug-14 10:03:19

Another one for tonsil stones.

They're like little stones that look and smell like cheese and smell vile.

They gather in the crypts of the tonsils and no matter how clean the teeth and gums, they cause the breath to reek. Mouthwashes may disguise the smell only.

If you look at the tonsils, they are sometimes visible and can be removed with a moistened cotton bud which you use to gently (gently!) massage the tonsil/s. Does he feel as if something stuck at back of throat?

Don't know cause or cure, but it's a valid explanation.

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