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Doctor prescribed the wrong pill - should I take it?

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DeliciousIrony Sat 23-Aug-14 09:29:48

Also posted in chat.

I have been taking Cilest for 3 months; this was the pill they gave me at a clinic when I asked for one that might combat some symptoms of PCOS (hormonal acne, facial hair), and Cilest has a higher amount of (synthetic) oestrogen than many other types of pill.

I was due to start a new pack yesterday, and went to the doctor to get a prescription for this, and discuss the results of an ultrasound I had recently. Doctor was disinterested - told me the ultrasound didn't show any cysts, but had no suggestions as to what this means with regards to my diagnosis of PCOS. His eyes were flicking through my notes on the computer but he didn't seem to know anything about me or why I had gone for the ultrasound.

When I asked for Cilest, he said "oh no, we're not supposed to prescribe that now, I'll give you Cerelle - an identical pill, just a different brand name".

I realised last night that Cerelle is actually a mini-pill, so totally different to what I have been taking. It is progesterone only, so unlikely to help with my hormonal problems. I also didn't want a pill you have to take every day - I like having a week where I don't have to worry about taking it.

I am cross that he has given me the wrong thing; it is now the bank holiday weekend, and have a really hectic week next week with a job interview and moving house, so not sure when exactly I will be able to get to a doctors/clinic. Would it be less disruption for my body to just not take anything in the meantime, or to take Cerelle? I am desperate to avoid any unpleasant side effects which may come with a new pill, but also remember the last time I stopped taking oral contraception (3 years ago) my skin broke out really badly for weeks afterwards. That may sound trivial but it's giving me a lot of anxiety.


DocDaneeka Sat 23-Aug-14 09:32:21

Walk-in clinic or out of hours?

Or talk to a pharmacist. I think they can prescribe in some cases.

sashh Sat 23-Aug-14 12:50:43

Do you normally get your prescription from the same chemist?

They are allowed to issues pills in an emergency, and this would count as that. They may charge you.

Other options are walk in clinics or GUM clinics or family planning, many have walk in services.

As an absolute last resort A and E - you will be the back of the list to be seen but yo can get a prescription.

I would start by phoning the pharmacy you normally use.

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