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Aspie DH back from GP - please help, time sensitive

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Quivering Fri 22-Aug-14 09:54:16

DH has been suffering since Tuesday with
Dry mouth
unquenchable thirst
a headache that won't go away

This morning he finally agreed to go and see the gp. I normally try and go with him as communication is hard for him but with three small dcs I could not sit and wait in the emergency clinic with him. I wrote out his symptoms on a clear list.

He's just come back with a vague diagnosis of either a virus or vertigo, if he's not better in a week he should come back.

To me this screams possible diabetes (he is overweight) and gp has not ruled this out! How long does it take to test his urine?! I'm worried. Am I over reacting?

insanityscratching Fri 22-Aug-14 09:59:17

His urine could have been tested with a dip stick in seconds. You should get dh to go to a pharmacy who will do a pin prick blood test for free. Lloyds and Boots definitely offer this service as do Tesco and Sainsbirys in store pharmacies.

LadySybilLikesCake Fri 22-Aug-14 10:02:09

It takes 10 seconds to check his blood sugar with a finger prick, some pharmacies can do it so it may be worth phoning around. A urine test is just as quick as all they do is dip a test strip in it and wait for the colours to change.

I hope he's OK thanks

LadySybilLikesCake Fri 22-Aug-14 10:02:44

x post smile

quietlysuggests Fri 22-Aug-14 10:03:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JennyOnTheBlocks Fri 22-Aug-14 10:04:17

agree with urine test to pharmacist, most do this now. it's 'only' an indicator that you should see your GP, but it will be evidence your DH can take with him (should he need to)

Did the GP presecribe him anything to help with his presumed vertigo or virus? any recommendations for handling the symptoms?

this could be the angle you take and call the doctor yourself, to clarify what was said during the appt?

i take it your GP is aware of DHs diagnosis, so he should be sympathetic to you calling and clarifying

Quivering Fri 22-Aug-14 10:12:05

No recommendation or treatment just an internet printoff about vertigo.

gp is well aware of dhs situation im guessing she was just rushing.

I'm going to ask pharmacist for help as they are independent, kind, and round the corner.

Quietly - my mother, grandmother, niece all have diabetes that's why I'm familiar with the symptoms. They build up slowly but them they get worse - that's how people get diagnosed. No one living near me though with a kit to check though!

JennyOnTheBlocks Fri 22-Aug-14 10:15:35

i hear your frustration though, adult DS (aspie) often goes to GP with one issue, but comes out not having talked about it because the GP 'didn't ask'

pharmacist will be happy to help with diabetes screening smile

Quivering Fri 22-Aug-14 10:42:00

He won't go.

JennyOnTheBlocks Fri 22-Aug-14 10:44:16

maybe it's just too much for one day?

Quivering Fri 22-Aug-14 10:44:37

It is infuriating because he's an adult and I shouldn't have to shoulder responsibility for his health. But I do. He's gone to work now, still chugging away at a water bottle constantly. He just plows on and on and then collapses.

Quivering Fri 22-Aug-14 10:45:56

My question is how safe is he? It is loads of social interaction, you're right he probably feels like its too much. But at what point does his physical health become more pressing than his mental health?

JennyOnTheBlocks Fri 22-Aug-14 10:51:22

does he have any other support, Quivering?

i mean peer support groups or similar? how about you, as the partner of an adult with AS?

DS has only fairly recently got dx, but he's always needed far more input, support and me to take more responsibility than anyone would think neccessary.

did you discuss his symptoms with him before he went to GP? perhaps his rigidity of thought has him thinking 'i have diabetes, i drink more, therefore i must drink more'? sorry if that's a very simplistic viewpoint, i just know that's the sort of thing my DCs would do, it's not a critisism

ImperialBlether Fri 22-Aug-14 10:53:41

I would phone the doctor beforehand and give him/her a heads up in that situation.

JennyOnTheBlocks Fri 22-Aug-14 10:56:41

that's what i intend to do next time, Imperial

the GP won't discuss DS's medical care, but he can choose which questions to ask him

Quivering Fri 22-Aug-14 11:01:44

Jenny he's mid dx, but all the professionals who have seen him have said it's pretty obvious that he's on the spectrum but he needs a formal dx.

I haven't told him how his symptoms are very typical for diabetes as I know he'll go off on a thought process like that Jenny. I've just said casually (I hope!) that the dr should have tested his urine or at least done a fingerprint test 'to rule diabetes out'. I said the pharmacist will be happy to do this but he refused.

His sister helps a bit with cajoling but she's very 'run to a&e now!' so I don't think her input would be helpful now.

No other support wrt this, when we have a formal dx I hope we will have.

Quivering Fri 22-Aug-14 11:03:51

If I phone the gp and air my concerns, is she likely to listen without disclosing dh's records etc and then phone dh with instructions? Or os that asking too much from an overworked gp?

JennyOnTheBlocks Fri 22-Aug-14 11:15:02

i would think any GP who knows her patient is having assessments like that would be glad of any help in understanding their needs, tbh

if they don't then maybe it's time to look for one who does?

Quivering Fri 22-Aug-14 11:37:10

I can only try

JennyOnTheBlocks Fri 22-Aug-14 11:38:05

that's all we can do

you sound really down about it all, PM me if you'd like to offload?


Quivering Fri 22-Aug-14 11:53:52

Thanks - you're very kind. I just have a lot on with lots of people leaning on me. School hols obviously means that I have less time to get things done. Its just a busy few weeks, I hope things will calm down soon.

Quivering Fri 22-Aug-14 11:57:58

Waiting for a call back from the gp

JennyOnTheBlocks Fri 22-Aug-14 12:00:06

i've only got time to sit here today as DD (also dx ASD) is not talking to me at all, she's growling and snarling instead.

we've had a great few days too, i've probably used up all her tolerance by having holiday fun

JennyOnTheBlocks Fri 22-Aug-14 12:00:48

that's great, have YOU written down what you want her to know?

Kablooger Fri 22-Aug-14 12:00:57

Is it labyrinthitus

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