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Can Stopping co-codamol 30/500 suddenly cause a miscarriage

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bumblebeeprincess Thu 21-Aug-14 01:38:45

ive been on co-codamol since august 2013 for severe back and hip pain and im now 16 weeks pregnant. i went to my docs on monday as im going away and seen a doctor (not my own doc) and she didnt supply enough to last (5 days short) until i get back and i explained that to her but she didnt seem to care. But i read that stopping them suddenly can cause a miscarriage. i have been trying to get an appointment with my own doc and having no luck.

just wondering if its happened to anyone else as ive read on other forums that it has

thanks x

Matildathecat Thu 21-Aug-14 08:31:25

Hello, sorry you are having such pain. The person to ask is your pharmacist. However, I've never heard of any problems like this and was a midwife for many years.

Your doctors probably would like you to reduce the codeine but tapering it off gradually would be easier for you and you may not be able to stop altogether if your pain is very bad.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Do feel free to join the back pain thread. There are others there who have suffered in pregnancy.

ouryve Thu 21-Aug-14 08:36:17

So if you need to taper it off, then instead of taking 2 tablets at a time, take one co-codamol and one plain paracetamol, to a total of 8 tablets a day, just the same as before. That way it lasts 10 days and you're not stopping suddenly. You can buy a lower dose 8/500 co-codamol OTC if you want to taper down even slower.

bumblebeeprincess Thu 21-Aug-14 21:30:04

i am cutting down on the co-codamol but its still leaving me short while im away. i cant talk to my doctor about it without feeling like shes judging me for it. i have anxiety caused by my ibs and she made me feel so bad the other day i feel i cant talk to her.
but i read on other mums and baby forums that stopping them have caused people to miscarry and if i run out while im away thats what im afraid of happening.

Maiziemonkey Thu 21-Aug-14 22:45:44

I don't know anything about miscarriage risk but I have had two pg's with spd - sounds like this is what you have, cause alot of back , hip, pelvic pain. I had it worse the second time and i had to take co-codamol from about 5/6 months. I would have taken it much sooner but every doc either was judgy and refused it or prescibed it but said it was best not to take it ?? i was confused and anxious not to cause my baby any harm so i hardly ever took it, then i had strong braxton hix from having pain and had to go to a walk-in ante-natal at st thomas' They were wonderful there and not judgy at all- just mentioneing the spd got a sympathetic hug and smile from the MW. She counseled me that alot of pain is not good for me or the baby- take what you have to to be relatively comfortable and taper it off coming up to the labour date. i know they all suggest the tapering off but the first thing they offered me in hospital in labour was co-codamol! (but not 30's i guess). I found i could taper it down if i did alot less - rest, rest and don't walk any more than necessary. much sympathy and hope you find some more modern and educated doctors soon. sometimes hospital ante-natal depts are better than the gp's who don't have as much specialised knowledge of that area. I second the idea of following the back thread- i am on there alot as I have lingering problems from the spd and some disk and fecet joint degeneration.If i were you if you still have pain after you have the baby demand MRI of your hips and your spine

Maiziemonkey Thu 21-Aug-14 22:47:17

ps, there are a few of us with hip pain too- they are a lovely bunch on there and well come anyone with these pains, big or small smile

QOD Thu 21-Aug-14 23:02:37

Can you link the back thread, it's come off my watch list. Thanks

Matildathecat Thu 21-Aug-14 23:06:51

QOD, I have bumped it up for you. It's called Back to Back Trouble.

Maiziemonkey Fri 22-Aug-14 00:30:37

thanks matilda

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