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Blood test result for backache - anyone know what this could be?

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inraolyn Tue 19-Aug-14 17:51:27

Basically, I've had pretty regualr and ongoing pain in my lower back for a few years, so I went to my GP to ask for advice. I was referred for physio, and told to have some blood tests.

Well, the results have come back, and three of the four are normal - Full blood count, one for rheumatoid arthritus and one other which I forget.

The fourth one was for "HLAB27" as the receptionist told me, and I have an appointment with my GP in a week to discuss the results of that one. The receptionist wasn't able to tell me more about the result because, as she herself said, she doesn't know what it is. Which is fair enough, only I'm a worrier, and now I have a week's wait to discuss this mystery something.

Before I google and terrify myself, does anyone know an actually plausible thing that it could be? Do I need to be worried, basically, or can I kinda relax a bit?

TreeSticksWine Tue 19-Aug-14 19:16:25

Hi inraolyn,

I have ankylosing spondilytis which was diagnosed 20 years ago because I had recurring bouts of iritis (swelling of the iris) and the doctor at the hospital asked if I suffered from back pain. I had a blood test (HLA B27 positive result) and x-ray to confirm the diagnosis. Women suffer from this autoimmune disease in fewer numbers than men and, usually, in a milder form (not sure how up to date this info is but it has certainly been the case for me).

It is manageable with a combination of exercise, physiotherapy and acupuncture these days. I have only had a couple of 'flare-ups' over the years - fatigue, pain, weight loss and an inability to absorb iron are the main symptoms. The pain is usually manageable with the help of Arthrotec during these flare-ups.

Pilates and swimming are recommended exercise but you will find what works for you - I avoid yoga. I was also told that contact sports like rugby and boxing were to be avoided!

Of course I could be completely wrong but just wanted to let you know that this could be a possibility.

crazynanna Tue 19-Aug-14 19:21:54

It is an inherited gene marker test I think, linked to rheumatic conditions

inraolyn Wed 20-Aug-14 07:21:12

Thank you! I wasn't expecting anyone to completely diagnose me from the marker, but having a bit of an idea is certainly better than not knowing anything for a week. Whatever the diagnosis ends up being, I prefer to just have answers instead of being in the dark.

I'm glad you are able to keep on top of it, TreeSticks.

Handsup Wed 20-Aug-14 12:58:59

treesticks is that correct with regards to the inability to absorb iron? I have Ankylosing Spondylitis/ Iritis attacks/Hla B27 and I'm always knackered. Ferritin came back low - iron tablets sorted levels out but fatigue symptoms reappearing.

TreeSticksWine Wed 20-Aug-14 22:30:27

It was certainly what my rheumatologist told me but I kind of took it to mean only when it flares up. I try to make sure that I eat plenty of Vitamin C foods to ehlp absorb the iron. Might be worth getting your levels checked again and mention the fatigue. It could be as simple as pain at night giving you broken sleep?

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