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Can I take Ovex while I'm on Rivaroxaban?

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tobecalm Tue 19-Aug-14 17:34:25

Does anyone know if you can take Ovex with Rivaroxaban? I'm not sure what details are relevant, so I'm happy to answer any questions smile. I've been on Rivaroxaban since April following a PE. Following the advice of the pharmacist and made a doctor's to discuss this, the next appointment is on Thursday, but I'm wondering whether to treat the children now or wait (we're going camping on Thursday, is it better to wait until after the trip (3 nights away)), and what I can do to treat myself?

Sorry this is disjointed but I'm a bit confused by it all.

Thanks for any help!

SecretSpy Tue 19-Aug-14 17:38:54

You don't have to take a medication - hygiene measures alone can work (as long as you avoid reinfestation) but I totally understand that you may prefer to zap them grin It won't do any harm to wait a few days and both main treatments can make you a bit loose so I wouldn't take just before going camping , personally.

tobecalm Tue 19-Aug-14 22:26:42

Thanks very much, that's helped to set my mind at rest, I think I'll definitely leave it until after the camping - we're back on Sunday, so not too long!

I'll speak to the doctor and see if they can suggest other treatment, I have stepped up on the hygiene side in the meantime - but getting DS2 (age 6) to keep his pants on and wash his hands after "fiddling" is a bit tricky!

Thanks again smile

3littlefrogs Tue 19-Aug-14 22:41:53

Ovex isn't on the list of contraindicated medication for Rivaroxaban.

Maybe you should treat the DC anyway. Mine were always hugely distressed by the itching - not much fun if you are all in a tent!

tobecalm Wed 20-Aug-14 06:31:42

Thanks 3littlefrogs, I wondered if the pharmacist was being on the cautious side (it wasn't my usual one).

3littlefrogs Wed 20-Aug-14 08:59:13

Rivaroxaban is comparatively new so the only data are from the clinical trials.
I doubt that enough people in the trials would have been simultaneously taking Ovex to be statistically significant.

I can't think of anything in it that would increase your bleeding risk, so we are left with possible dose variation/absorption if you have a bit of a "loose tummy". You are over half way through your treatment (presumably 6 months?) So risk of clot extension is low.

Did the pharmacist suggest contacting Bayer?

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