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irregular bleeding after sex??

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jadeollybumpmatt Tue 19-Aug-14 09:59:19

i am on the mini pill and have been for about 6 months my periods are all over the place well 2 months ago they just stopped and i had no bleeding what so ever anyway last week i had a period and it was heavy but only lasted 4 days. the night it finished i had sex with my husband (not rough) and the morning after i went to the loo to find streaks of blood with clear discharge (fresh blood) then nothing. i had sex again that night and the same thing happened again the following morning but after the steaks of blood i had very light pinky blood all day when i wiped after a wee. i didn't have sex last night and woke up today with nothing so only happened after sex im worried as all things fall on cervical cancer! im worried can anyone help???

Northumberlandlass Tue 19-Aug-14 12:42:36

Honestly, go to GP. It's one of those things you should always get checked out smile
Are you up to date with smears ? It'll be one of the first things they ask.

It will most likely be something minor.

Kittykat7 Tue 19-Aug-14 13:47:09

It may be a cervical erosion. It can cause bleeding after sex. It can be cauterised. Dr will check your cervix & do a smear.
I had one but it as just left & the bleeding only happened occasionally.

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