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Constant effing insomnia!

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TheJourney22 Tue 19-Aug-14 02:16:08

3rd day in a row.

It's a joke

I just cannot sleep at night sad

Doc won't give me sleeping pills as have DS 9Mths (& rightly so)

But pleeeeeeease just one night of oeaceful sleep!!!!!

I must be the only person who has a a baby that sleeps like a dream & I'm awake all fucking night ...... confusedconfusedconfusedconfused

LongFingers Tue 19-Aug-14 02:20:00

I have regular insomnia too, welcome to the club. I have never taken any drugs for insomnia. It comes and goes for me, and is normally related to either too much stress or pain for me.

hashtagwhatever Tue 19-Aug-14 02:28:24

Snap I'm awake too.

The odd thing is all day im exhausted, bedtime wide awake.

fackinell Tue 19-Aug-14 03:16:19

Me too, but I feel like shit. Twice been to A&E this wk with suspected asthma issues, they really can't find anything wrong. I actually now think I have reflux. Feel like I'm suffocating lying down but ok sat up. Burning feeling in oesophagus. DM has this and Daunt too. Frustrating!! Speaking to doc tomorrow, hopefully get something for it. confused

I had proper insomnia a few years ago, woke at 3.50am every night until half 5. Was so odd how it was always within a minute or so every night!! It just suddenly stopped when we moved house. Was on the flight path for Heathrow though...

RachaelAgnes Tue 19-Aug-14 06:42:24

I have nocturnal asthma, which causes insomnia, now I work nights, it's not so bad.
Interesting thing last time I saw the asthma nurse, she asked if I suffered from indigestion/reflux type symptoms on sleeping (which I do) common asthma side effect - was prescribed omeprazole! Cured it!

fackinell Tue 19-Aug-14 09:44:22

Oh that's great, Rachael! smile
I'm convinced that's my issue, I have spent ten yrs on nicotine gum but gave up a few weeks ago, I've wrecked my stomach with it. I pour chilli on just about everything and love all spicy foods and white wine.

Tbh I found my trips to A&E quite daunting. They treated me like a time waster as my SATS were fine but I knew I felt I was having breathing difficulties and a recurrent cough. It happened every time I lay down or ate but I just didn't click. I got the bums rush from them and told it was a panic attack hmm just goes to show you, trust your gut (or not in this case.)

TheJourney22 Wed 20-Aug-14 01:05:20

Back again! Wide awake FFS!!!

Even took a Zopiclone ..... Doesn't touch the sides.

What am I gonna do confusedconfusedconfusedconfused

Eminybob Wed 20-Aug-14 03:47:23

I have suffered for years, and was prescribed amitryptaline. It's not a sleeping tablet exactly I think it just relaxes you enough to sleep. I have a 6 week old now so the insomnia actually helps as I'm used to being tired all the time!

JoandMax Wed 20-Aug-14 05:33:27

It's awful isn't it?? I go through bouts of insomnia, wake up after 2 hours and awake for hours..... Feel terrible all day and exhausted then same thing happens the next night!

It usually passes within a few weeks and is always brought on by stress (I flew last week on my own with the DCs, they were great but I am terrified of flying and was an emotional wreck for days beforehand), at the moment I'm awake by 1am every night until about 5am.

I just get through it by, similar to DC related thing, by reminding myself it will pass, it's just a phase. My mum and brother suffer too so I get sympathy from them and having someone to talk to who understands really helps.

On the plus side getting up in the night has never bothered me!

TheJourney22 Wed 20-Aug-14 20:06:24

Right then! Let's see what tonight brings .....

I have relaxed (after a tantrum from DS) drunk only 1 tea today. Got fresh air ....

Taken a nytol .. Prescription Z drugs don't touch the sides!

May sleep or may not! Will let you know ... shock


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