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hand foot and mouth as an adult

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fl0b0t Sun 17-Aug-14 20:10:13

Hi all
my 11 month old little boy had hf&m (self diagnosed! ) last week and apart from a few spots and a bit of a cold he was fine. He has now passed it to me and I'm a wreck! Awful throat and generally feeling ill then the spots appeared first in my hands and them my feet. They're not very obvious-easier to feel then see. They hurt! It sings like nettle rash crossed with severe pins and needles and is exacerbated by heat or cold or rough textures and pressure. I'm useless, couldn't even push the buggy today or open a tin. The rash spread to my chest today too.
On top of this I seem to have symptoms not mentioned on the interwebs or elsewhere. My nose has blistered like I've been blowing it for a week and I have a rash on my chin too!

Lucky I'm going to the doctors tomorrow for something else do I can double check. .. But has anyone else experienced this?

guineapig1 Sun 17-Aug-14 20:17:06

I share your pain. DS caught hand foot and mouth at about 8 months. He recovered fairly quickly and developed a love of fruit pouches as it was the only thing he would eat or drink Just as he was getting over it I caught it and can honestly say I have never felt so rough in my life! Raging sore throat and red raw blisters on my hands and feet, couldn't stop scratching them and yes, the same pins and needles feeling. It hurt to dial on the phone, strap DS into his car seat, make a cup of tea... You name it. Also horrible mouth ulcers. Saw the GP who told me it was practically unheard of in adults! Anyhow he did give me some steroids to relieve the itching which helped and it all cleared up after about 5-6 days.
Hope you feel better soon!

Leonas Sun 17-Aug-14 20:18:26

I had it a few weeks ago and was way more ill than my dd. I had fluey symptoms first, felt horrendous for 2 days and then had a sore throat and a mouth full if blisters/ulcers for the following week!
Ended up at the doctor but as it is viral there is nothing he could do and I had to just ride it out.
Hope you feel better soon, can't really offer any advice other than paracetamol!

fl0b0t Sun 17-Aug-14 21:47:11

Thank you both! makes me feel more normal! The rash is spreading all over and I look like death with a crusty nose. I feel so pathetic! !

fl0b0t Mon 18-Aug-14 10:21:11

Thank you both! makes me feel more normal! The rash is spreading all over and I look like death with a crusty nose. I feel so pathetic! !

fl0b0t Thu 21-Aug-14 15:32:05

help! my hands and feet have stopped hurting but the skin on aand around my nose has gone dry and scabby and pussy and hideous. Can only assume it's linked as it happened at the same time. By luck I was going to the Dr's on monday anyway and she was entirely unsympathetic and Just recommended e45 cream. Nothing is making it better and it's just getting worse. I tried e45 and even sudocreme and is just sore and weeping. Any bright ideas to fix it? !

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