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Lupus rash - what does it FEEL like?

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BasketzatDawn Wed 13-Aug-14 17:30:35

I have a rash which could be lupus-related. I have other AI conditions and so the risk is greater. I also have other symptoms (like major fatigue, brain fog and joint pain, which could be due to existing problems. But still ....)of lupus, and certain of the relevant antibodies. Anyway, I've had look online and my rash does tally to the pics - it is itchy and slightly scaly and came out due to sunshine a few weeks ago.

Just curious really. I no longer care what I am diagnosed with as the treatment I am on for existing disease is similar to that for mild lupus. I feel rubbish most of the time anyway and another label hardly matters.

MrsWinnibago Thu 14-Aug-14 10:23:33

I have what the doctors and the dermatologist thought was a Lupus looks exactly like it but 2 biopsys have proved otherwise...and blood tests too. My sister does have systemic lupus hence the doctor's testing me so much.

The thing with Lupus though is that it is hard to diagnose. They would not say that I DONT have it and they would not say that I DO have it. That's beside the point rash is very slightly itchy sometimes and at others not at all.

Have they done a biopsy?

BasketzatDawn Thu 14-Aug-14 20:11:31

No, the rash hasn't been biopsied. I'll see how it goes and DW a doctor if it doesn't clear up. TBH I've had enough of tests and doctors and just want to disappear below the medical radar. I feel a bit defeated by the stuff I know about! A few years ago I had extensive 'discoid eczema' (dx by a dermatologist) and I've had various rashes over the years. And various symptoms and antibodies in my blood so it wouldn't surprise me. This latest rash only came up in recent sunshine and as I live in Scotland we may have seen all 'our' sun for a while, so unless there's another trigger it might settle Slightly less itchy with use of Aveeno! Thanks for replying.

Cocolepew Sun 17-Aug-14 12:04:31

Mine doesn't feel like anything , its more like a blush across my face. I have have a raised one, it was scaly but not itchy, it looked like impetigo.
I get a itchy rash in my eyes, its red but flat.

hashtagwhatever Sun 17-Aug-14 18:30:31

Psoriatic arthritis could be another possibility?
Due to joint pain and the rash. Does it look anything like psoriasis?

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