Has anyone had gallbladder sludge?

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WeeClype Wed 13-Aug-14 15:35:29

I was told at a&e last night that i have sludge in my gallbladder and was sent away with painkillers, ive also to see my gp.

Can this be cured with medicine etc? i cannot live with this constant pain and if a&e had said do i want my gallbladder out i wouldve went for the op there and then!

I'm going to make a emergency app with my gp tommorow as i was too ill to walk to the clinic today sad

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Badvoc123 Wed 13-Aug-14 15:50:26

I had my op in Nov last year.
You need your Gb out.
If you are that bad, make the gp come to you!

WeeClype Wed 13-Aug-14 15:56:25

Did you wait long for the op?

I 1st seen the gp in july and ive not been referred to the hospital or anywhere else yet, i had a scan last friday so a&e checked that and told me about the sludge.

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Badvoc123 Wed 13-Aug-14 16:30:16

It's a bit of a long story!
Was dx with stones a few years ago.
Only had one attack (complete with black vomit which they said was the sludge...lovely) but the dr fobbed me off and said I may never have another.
Cue November last year...a large stone got lodged in the duct.
It was horrendous.
I was on trampoline, nerfapam and oromorph.
The gp sent me to hospital 3 times and they just kept giving me more pain killers.
Eventually they kept me in but my op was cancelled 3 days running.
So I discharged myself and went private - had my op on nov 30th.
Push for the op before oct...the NHS cannot cope during winter and ops get cancelled left right and centre.
It's not fun being caught in the middle.
On the one hand the dr told me I was too ill to go home yet on the other kept cancelling the op!!

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Wed 13-Aug-14 17:30:17

Badvoc I'm guessing were on Tramadol rather than on a Trampoline? grin

Badvoc123 Wed 13-Aug-14 17:38:36

Tbh I could have been on a trampoline and I wouldn't have cared!

WeeClype Wed 13-Aug-14 18:04:13

haha i didnt even notice when i read it grin

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WeeClype Thu 14-Aug-14 13:10:06

I went back to the doc's this morning as i cant eat and always throwing up so i'm totally drained which isn't good with 4 DC's at home.

I've now been referred to the hospital and they are going to try and poke all the sludge out, if that doesnt work then the gallbladder is coming out. Hopefully it doesnt take long for the app to come thru.

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Badvoc123 Thu 14-Aug-14 15:29:13

Hope so!
Good,luck x

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