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Anyone into nutrition / homeopath?

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twiglett Sun 04-Apr-04 13:25:24

message withdrawn

papillon Sun 04-Apr-04 13:40:14

Have u tried steam in a bowl with the towel over u head.

twiglett Sun 04-Apr-04 13:46:43

message withdrawn

roisin Sun 04-Apr-04 14:00:09

Cutting down on dairy products - especially milk and yoghurt - can have a dramatic effect on reducing all bodily secretions. But obviously you've got a growing baby, so you need to make sure you're still getting the calcium you both need. Hard cheese is a great source of calcium - loads in surprisingly little - and doesn't have the same effect on phlegm. Other non-dairy sources are dried apricots, oranges, fortified cereals and bread.



CountessDracula Sun 04-Apr-04 14:20:53

twiglett, do you drink organic milk? If not then switch as non organic milk is full of (ahem) snot!

stellarmum Sun 04-Apr-04 14:26:28

Agree with roisin, cutting back on dairy should be your first step. You can also mix 3 drops eucalyptus oil and 2 drops thyme oil with 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil and massage around chest and back, or a drop of either of these in hot water to inhale.
As for homeopathic remedies, there are so many variations you would probably be better off looking yourself.. try (sorry don't know how to do links!) which is an online version of his family remedy finder which is full of good advice, we use it loads at home! hth and you feel better soon

beetroot Sun 04-Apr-04 14:31:06

Message withdrawn

juniper68 Sun 04-Apr-04 16:09:12

I swear by homeopathy so hopefully Beetroot's step mum will help. My DS2 has been plagued with coughs since birth and he got......wait for it.......tubercolosis homeopathic treatment. Sounds weird I know but it's so dilute there's nothing there and it worked so I'm not complaining. I had numbness down one side and was given lachesis which is snake venom (causes numbness so diluted cures it)
Hope you find something soon

Heathcliffscathy Sun 04-Apr-04 16:16:55

avoid orange juice too (sounds weird but produced loads of mucus). agree with cd re organic milk and with other posts re cutting out dairy. homeopathy really works, but it isn't like conventional medicine in that it works with your whole self not just a symptom and therefore can take more than one visit to get right...all i know is that went to homeopath for ds's eczema (sp?) and first treatment controlled it but second treatment is really clearing it up...and the best way for homeopathy to work is once you're symptom is under control to find your constitutional remedy which boosts your whole system and helps your body function optimally. hth a bit.

twiglett Sun 04-Apr-04 16:27:47

message withdrawn

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