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I have gastritis. what now? I need advice and support please

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ZingGoesPop Fri 01-Aug-14 13:46:02

I am in pain since Wednesday morning.
my stomach was cramping and in agony, was a bit sick and had pain in my back,shoulder blades and lower part of front ribcage.

GP said it's gastritis and prescribed Omeprazole (20mg/day for a month).
Said it could take weeks to get better.

Also I had a baby 2 weeks ago (our 7th child).
The pushing phase was horrible.I had to keep stopping because my stomach hurt and I felt sick as I squashed my stomach with each push.
he was born with the cord round his neck and was not fully engaged at point of being fully dilated, so my tummy was very high up and I just kept on squashing my stomach.
I was actually sick half way through 2nd stage, but even worse I threw up twice immediately after delivery - which caused the most violent contractions of my stomach ever, like knives were dug in. it was horrendous.
GP said I damaged some abdominal muscles which will also take a while to heal (by themselves).

so here I am, in floods of tears, because I am in a lot of pain (can only take paracetamol).
it hurts to stand, walk, talk, cough, sneeze, bend down, laugh.
even crying hurts.
DH is going back to work on Monday and although MIL can help a bit I'll be left with dealing with 7 children, inc a newborn whom I struggle to bf as he is very sleepy (he had TT cut, and gaining back weight slowly).
while in so much pain.

wtf am I going to do? how do I cope? what if it's for weeks or months or years?

And the diet? I looked it up - some makes sense, some contradictory but basically it's crap.
I don't have the time or energy to cook special meals for me.
just what am I going to do?sad sad sad sad sad sad

ilovepowerhoop Fri 01-Aug-14 13:48:39

why can you only have paracetamol? I am sure I got stronger painkillers than that while breastfeeding

ZingGoesPop Fri 01-Aug-14 13:50:53

cant have ibuprofen or aspirin because of gastritis.
cant have codein as it effects me badly (drowsiness) and would effect baby, making his sleepiness worse.

ZingGoesPop Fri 01-Aug-14 13:51:35

GP didn't offer anything else but paracetamol or codeine

ZingGoesPop Fri 01-Aug-14 13:53:33

I'm trying to drink sips of water now, had a bit of food earlier (then had the runs, now my guts are cramping too)

mignonette Fri 01-Aug-14 13:53:46

Oh love, that sounds awful. I have a chronic ulcer so i have some idea of what this is like for you.

First of all you need to identify your trigger foods- what makes it worse? Then when is the pain worse? That is when you try to plan some extra help so you get what you need done in your 'less bad' hours.

You don't need a special diet per se, rather just avoiding spicy, yeasty foods, alcohol and things like that. I cannot eat leavened bread (or If I do and sometimes I do, I get pain like I am having a heart attack). Keeping food portions small, frequent and bland is key. What do you like eating? What do you want to eat?

Have you approached your HV, your MW, Sure Start and social services? They may be able to help with a home help. Also ask about post natal physiotherapy to help get those rectus muscles strong again. I know the idea of exercising is probably making you scream with horrow but if you get the okay to, it WILL help rehabiltate your abdomen and gut valves, making them less leaky. Also ask for a pain med review as there may be other options although obviously some will be contraindicated.

Finally anything you can do to manage stress and anxiety will help. Even a little treat every day- a twenty minute bath with a book, a nap, time to yourself will stack up and help you manage yourself in relation to your condition.

I wish I could do more. It is horrid isn't it? <flowers>

mignonette Fri 01-Aug-14 13:55:09


You can have PR pain relief if you can manage to push suppositories up your bum. This reduces and even eliminates the irritation to the gut. I had PR Diclofenac.

justaweeone Fri 01-Aug-14 14:03:55

Do you have the charity Home-start where you live?
They have volunteers who can offer support

ZingGoesPop Fri 01-Aug-14 15:29:44


thank you and sorry you are suffering too.

I just feel sorry for myself right now.
pathetic, I know.
pg wasn't easy, couldn't wait to give birth, be done with pgs & births and was looking forward to getting better and start enjoying life again.
and now this.sad
I just can't stop crying...I don't see how things will get better if there's yet another thing, and quite a big one I have to deal with.

We've moved 2 months ago and not only there's so much to do but we were planning an extension next year and need to get on with planning.
so do I have to delay that until I get better, causing even more stress and anguish?

honestly, I know there's a way of sorting things, but I'm just too distraught right now.
I'm shit at dealing with pain.

(trying to wake up BabyZing for a feed, he is having none of it.sad )

ZingGoesPop Fri 01-Aug-14 15:37:20


thanks, I know Homestart.
2 years ago I had a lot of trouble bf-ing DD so I contacted them.
I explained that I needed help in the evenings, because that's when things get tough, but there was no-one available to help.
And tbh I don't need help with someone coming over and playing with the kids or holding baby.
I need help with cooking or lifting DD or cleaning DS5's bottom so he won't spread poo everywhere while I try to bf baby.
we would probably need paid help for that - but can't afford it right now.

I feel like I'm drowning, waves crashing over my head.
this situation sucks.

ZingGoesPop Fri 01-Aug-14 18:40:28

I now have pain on sides of ribcage (under the arm) and the back ache has returned.
hurting, regardless of what position I bf in.

and can't stop burping. and there's a lot of gurgling going on. are these normal?
have been eating watermelon.

also rang GP back and will arrange a blood test on Monday next week.

if it is gastritis, why is the medication not helping to ease the pain?
I'm still in pain, even when sitting or lying stillconfused
everything between navel and bottom of ribcage is very sore to the touch.

stopped Googling, the more I read the grimmer it all looks.sad

NoEgowoman Fri 01-Aug-14 18:48:54

Oh dear. I feel for you. Illness and children. That's awful. Try with surestart again. It may work out this time. Whenever you try something to solve your problems you will feel better. Where are you in the country? Any older children that can help out a little. DVDs?

ZingGoesPop Fri 01-Aug-14 19:26:35

he older ones can help, it's the 4 & 2 year old who are hard work.
and things like cooking (cant stand up or pain gets worse) or even just calling for the children to help (I can barely talk)

I'll call Surestart next week. DH and I have the weekend to figure something out.
I'm just hoping I'll be better by Monday. this pain is non-stop and wearing me out.

ZingGoesPop Fri 01-Aug-14 19:39:06

my mum is coming (from Hungary) on the 21st to stay for a month anyway (to see newborn and be here for his baptism, my birthday and DS5 starting reception).
I can't tell her anything yet or she'll just worry and annoy me unnecessarily.

MIL is close by and helps a lot anyway, but I can't tell her either as she will give me long speeches telling me a hundred million things I should/shouldn't do and take and which relatives & friends had it (in detail). this will happen every time I see her and no doubt will stress me out more.
I love her dearly and appreciate her help & advice generally, but if you mention anything vaguely food/medicine/illness related she is like a dog with a bone. it gets tiresome after a while.

I'd rather not say anything just yet, at least until we establish some sort of strategy.
And I prefer advice from people who have gone through this and have useful tips.

ZingGoesPop Fri 01-Aug-14 19:42:04

meant to add - so asking MIL for help & looking after kids will be tricky.

I don't really want to bother friends. most on holiday or working/busy with own kids.

mignonette Fri 01-Aug-14 20:13:39

The back ache is referred pain but might be an idea to have your gallbladder checked if this has not been done. Yes the gurgling and wind is normal for this kind of condition. Your stomach is irritated and restless.

Zing sometimes the meds don't work straight away because it takes a while for the inflammation in the gut to calm down. If there has been no improvement in ten days then the doc needs to consider adding in another medication.

However......I am a busy person like most BUT if my friend suffered in silence because she 'didn't want to bother me because of my busyness' I would feel upset and guilty and worry that I was a bad friend. Ask your friends. Tell them how you feel. They may say no, they may think 'Oh fucking hell as if I don't have enough on my plate' but you can always return the favour at their time of need when you are better. Ask them please? If you can just have one less thing to worry about, that'll give you a little window of time to get your sense of control back.

As for the crying- do you feel better after a cry or worse?

mignonette Fri 01-Aug-14 20:16:30

Have PMed you Zing

Baddderz Sat 02-Aug-14 03:01:48

Was just going to say sorry zing. It's very very painful hmm

Selks Sat 02-Aug-14 03:19:53

I don't know your financial situation, but is there any way you could pay for a 'mothers help' for a few weeks? There might be a trusty local teenager or childcare student who is used to children and who could come for a couple of hours a day during the school holidays to help out with general tasks such as giving the children lunch, entertaining them and fetching and carrying things.
I hope you feel better soon, OP, it sounds awful.

MexicanSpringtime Sat 02-Aug-14 03:42:28

Well, here's one tip. My dd has gastritis and she is very conscientious about identifying and avoiding foods or combinations of food that upset her stomach. In her case, for example, milk on an empty stomach is particularly bad.

One thing that really improved her gastritis to the point that it is very rare for her to have any episodes, was drinking a tablespoon of ground flaxseed in hot water, first thing in the morning before having eaten anything else. Sounds awful but she never was one for taking remedies that taste awful, so it can't be that bad. She did this conscientiously for about three months and she is not cured, but has had a 90% improvement.

In her case, the medicine she was given for gastritis did not work

FabULouse Sat 02-Aug-14 10:50:27

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FabULouse Sat 02-Aug-14 10:51:26

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ohtheholidays Sat 02-Aug-14 11:10:29

I really feel for you.The pain your suffering sounds awful!
Personally I would be seeing the Dr again today and really drive home how much pain your in(you sound like you should be in hospital to me)and make sure they give you something to help.

Can your husband not take some more time of work being as your so ill and you have 7DC,my husband had to take lots of time of a year after we had our 5DC as I became seriously ill,they called it compassionate leave and he was paid for it.

If he can't get any more time of then make sure you have a plan ready,get your husband to do some batch cooking so you have dinners in the freezer for the next week(then when he's off again he can cook some more so your covered until your better)get all the children that are old enough to help out to do the housework(I'd make a chores chart)discuss it with the older one's when the littler one's are in bed so they understand that you need they're help.

That way that's cooking and cleaning covered.If you have any neighbors,friends or family that would help I'd let them know what's going on.

ZingGoesPop Sat 02-Aug-14 23:03:45

Thanks for all posts, really appreciate every single one!
I will read them & reply in the morning - just popped on to MN, but BabyZing needs me so have to goconfused

I don't feel much improvement. I have no appetite but ate a bit, for sake of bf.

gingeroots Sun 03-Aug-14 09:46:34

Not read very thoroughly ,forgive me . Popped on to say don't eat watermelon - I know it seems harmless but hospital dietician told me it was big no no when I had digestion issues .

Also steer clear of anything with artificial sweetners .And caffeine .

I found aloe vera - high strength from health food shop - soothing .

Huge ,huge sympathies for your situation - toddlers and new baby ,difficult birth . Poor you . flowers Not by any stretch pathetic !

It will pass .

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