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no milk, no wee... whats up?

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Spod Thu 01-Apr-04 17:04:37

My dd has been going off her milk a bit (although i never seem to be engorged, so maybe shes just quicker at feeding...dunno) and today had a feed at 7am and not again until 2pm... and i really had to keep trying to get her to take a feed which she did eventually, but only when i would cuddle up in bed with her so she could doze at the same time. just changed her nappy.... hardly any wee.... what could be up. i think she is teething (altho i've been saying that for weeks too!) i am also wondering if shes just simply prefering to beed at night, in bed, cuddling up?

hercules Thu 01-Apr-04 17:21:40

Sometimes ds is like this especially if we have some visitors or are out. She rarely feeds in these cases as is too distracted. If I worry I take her to a very quiet small m &b room but most of the time I figure if she really wanted it she'd take it. I guess if she hasnt fed there would be no wee. Is she ok otherwise?

grumpyzebra Sat 03-Apr-04 18:46:21

How is she today, Spod? Was it a one-off odd day? It seems to me like at a certain age, maybe around 8-10 months?, they often seem to drop their milk intake dramatically, only to pick it up again (quantity & frequency), later.

Spod Sat 03-Apr-04 22:30:59

grumpyzebra.... she's feeding better than thursday but i am still concerned as she doesnt seem to be feeding like normal...always such a hungry baby, like at least every 3 hours during the day...not it can be 5.... and wakes more at night... i'm trying to get her to feed more during the day but to no avail! am wondering if somethings wrong with my milk supply

robinw Sun 04-Apr-04 08:33:59

message withdrawn

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