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Fat armpits... Or booby armpits

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Spink Sun 20-Jul-14 23:05:34

I have boobs in my armpits, aka axillary breast tissue as I discovered today. It would be good to talk to anyone else who does.

I used to think I just had fat armpits but lots of exercise later the bumps are still there, little side boobs, mocking me.

They are grim, and can be sore, and it is a bugger to get bras to fit. If anyone knows of any solution, please do spill the beans. confused

Furball Mon 21-Jul-14 06:12:36

Bra wise - if you measure yourself as per the mn bra guru guide

When you first put the bra on - the underarm stuff is boob and should be scooped forward into your bra cups. - it says on that page You might not know it, but all that soft tissue under your armpit is breast, and it needs to be in the cup - so take your right hand, put it round inside the left cup, all the way round under your armpit, and scoop all the soft tissue and flesh in to the cup

If you measure as per the blog and post your measurements here - a bra guru should be along soon to give more advice on size smile

Spink Mon 21-Jul-14 12:59:58

Thanks furball, I have attempted scooping but you see my armpit boobs are like... seperate mini boobs under my armpits. so they escape pretty much straight away after being scooped..

I'm not the only one with these things am I?! <wails>

mrsbrownsgirls Mon 21-Jul-14 13:49:50

Do you consider yourself to be overweight in general?

Spink Mon 21-Jul-14 14:38:33

Very diplomatically asked! smile Not really, I don't know my weight - I'm a size 12-14 but am 5'8 so am fairly middling, weight wise. I also go to the gym twice a week and am reasonably toned & fit. That's what's made it more obvious; as my arms have got firmer, these fatty lumps have resolutely stayed put..

mrsbrownsgirls Tue 22-Jul-14 15:27:12

Hmm. Sorry I can't offer constructive help confused

thatstoast Tue 22-Jul-14 15:59:26

I have these. At one point I had quite a lot of pain in one and was referred to a specialist. At the time I asked if losing weight would help, and she said that it might help but I've lost four stone since and they're still there. It's considered a cosmetic issue so slim chance of NHS help.

But at least you're not the only one!

Spink Tue 22-Jul-14 20:10:43

Thanks thatstoast, glad to hear I'm not alone with my pit boobs. Mine get sore too, mainly because of bra straps rubbing across them. I always have a bit of a mare finding comfy bras. When did yours appear? Mine came after my 2nd baby, i had mastitis & my armpits were so swollen I couldn't put my arms down.

sanfairyanne Tue 22-Jul-14 21:50:35

i have them too

they aint being scooped anywhere grin
always makes me laugh when i read that

i actually have teeny tiny nipples plus they produced milk grin grin grin


the nipples dont look like nipples, they look like maybe a large pore or like a pin has been stuck in the skin

sanfairyanne Tue 22-Jul-14 21:51:23

my sis had hers removed nhs but it left a big scar so a bit pointless really

IamMummyhearmeROAR Tue 22-Jul-14 21:53:19

I have it on my left side and it can hurt like heck. Losing weight does help in my case. I'm about a stone over weight atm and shifting half a stone really makes a difference. I had a mammogram after my second baby as the pain was so bad and the consultant thought it was muscle damage from carrying her constantly. I have no idea but it's good to not be alone!

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