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Flashes of pain in ankles and wrists

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Lovethesea Sun 20-Jul-14 13:26:09

On and off I get strong (horrific) flashes of what feels like nerve pain into my ankles and wrists.

It was really bad again last night and stopped me sleeping. I ended up putting walking socks on to try and ease it despite the 28' heat here last night (uk).

Only related thing is that when stressed I find my wrists turn in and I have to consciously straighten then when I am going to bed, my ankles also twist unconsciously.

Anyone any ideas?

I am early 40 and have no history of joint issues, though this pain is the same one that stopped me breast feeding both times, the nerve flash pain built up and up and was intolerable, I was crying and almost screaming while feeding then the pain would go on for hours.

They succeed it wa deep breast tissue thrush. Treatments failed for it.

What on earth it is all?

Lovethesea Sun 20-Jul-14 13:27:00

They decided it was deep breast tissue thrush that should say.

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