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Very strange rash???!!!

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saintshar Wed 31-Mar-04 11:56:45

Both my DS's have had a very strange rash. It seems to be on it's way out now, and they haven't been ill with it, i just wondered if any of you had any idea what it could be.
DS2 started with it first. It looked like what can only be described as red 'pin pricks' on mainly the palms of his hands, and the soles of his feet. There were a few more spots elsewhere, none on his face or trunk, just a few on knees and nappy area.
At first i thought it could be an allergy, but surley it can't be because then DS1 got it?
His rash was worse, and after a few days, some of the spots started to blister.
They both have a cold and sore throat now the rash is going, but that could be just coincidence.
Any ideas anyone?

kiwisbird Wed 31-Mar-04 12:12:14

hand foot and mouth?

samwifewithkid Wed 31-Mar-04 13:11:44

sounds like it could be, it's a viral infection. It's not related to foot & mouth in animals!

saintshar Wed 31-Mar-04 13:32:54

EEEEEEEeeee!!!!! That sound horrible!!
I am of to look it up on the internet now.

saintshar Wed 31-Mar-04 13:44:22

It is, it is!!!
I have just looked it up, and saw pictures of the rash, and it is exactly the same.
I must admit, the first thing you think of is the animal related disease!!
Ah, well, at least i know.

kiwisbird Wed 31-Mar-04 20:08:20

shar, all they will tell you is calpol if irritable and in mouth pain with the blisters
And rest up if needed, stay away from mass kidded places
etc etc
Very non alarmist in all!
Hope he's better soon, my dd caught it ages ago and was very grumpy and off her food with it!

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