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Hernia - pelvic

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LovelyBath Sat 12-Jul-14 12:27:45

Hi does anyone have any advice or experience of having a hernia especially in the pelvic area? Mine is on the left and due to a c-section type scar I have for a sigmoid colectomy 3 years ago. The GP seems pretty sure that is what it is. I also have adhesions. The main symptoms are shooting pains, into the thigh, hip, and pelvis (in the buttock) all on the left while the right is fine. Crampy pain like period pain too, and pain in the pubic bone on the left too. Am a bit scared about having an op for it as read it may involve mesh and I've a tendancy for adhesions (which all sounds painful) however it would be nice to free of this pain which seems quite 'nerve'y. xx

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