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Right sided Craniotomy, anyone with experience / advice

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SauvignonBlanche Fri 11-Jul-14 16:16:17

I feel fine really all things considered, my head aches (obviously) and my jaw is sore.

I had had read about the clicking feeling from the bone flap and I've had that, it's really weird!

Does anyone know how long that can last?

ProfYaffle Fri 11-Jul-14 16:17:57

No experience, sorry, but my dh has a brain tumour, his first craniotomy was 10 years ago. Have you come across the Brain Tumour Charity? They have a facebook page where lots of people discuss their symptoms etc, I imagine you'll find a lot of support there smile

ProfYaffle Fri 11-Jul-14 16:20:55

linky It's a closed group so you have to apply to join but I can highly recommend it.

SauvignonBlanche Fri 11-Jul-14 16:25:09

Thank you Prof, that looks great. I've just sent a request to join.
I hope your DH is doing ok.

ProfYaffle Fri 11-Jul-14 16:29:20

He's doing fine, no symptoms other than no sense of smell. How about you?

SauvignonBlanche Fri 11-Jul-14 16:46:47

I'm doing surprisingly well thanks, I had a craniotomy on Tuesday and got home yesterday. It all seems a bit surreal. I don't have the histopathology yet obviously, but it's a benign grade one tumour so I'm 'lucky' in that respect.

ProfYaffle Fri 11-Jul-14 16:49:29

Wow, that's good going. Dh's was also grade 1 benign, his being a meningioma. He's had 2 ops so far and never been home as quickly as you!

SauvignonBlanche Fri 11-Jul-14 16:54:29

I think they probably wanted rid of me. wink
I go back next week to have the stitches out, it's a massive scar so I'm not looking forward to that.

KiaOraOAotearoa Fri 11-Jul-14 17:01:30

Hi sauvignon, glad you're feeling fine after the opsmile
Don't worry about the stitches, it woud be numb smile just a bit of a funny sensation.
Glad it all went fine, nice to see you back.

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