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DP just asked where your shin is - should I be worried?!

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imsorryiasked Thu 10-Jul-14 18:45:06

DS just wacked his ankle and asked me to kiss it better which I did. DP said "Shin, not ankle". At first I thought he'd misunderstood which bit had been hurt, but he was looking at the right bit. I said , "No it's his ankle", at which point DP said "where's your shin then?". I pointed to it and he said "oh, like shin pads"
Now am I over-reacting to this, or should I be worried? He's an intelligent bloke and I am certain he knows the difference between ankles and shins.

Nulliferous Thu 10-Jul-14 18:46:35

Does he know about calves? That could just blow his mind.

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