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Why would I have stinky nipples (so sorry for TMI)

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Asleeponasunbeam Wed 09-Jul-14 21:44:57

I have noticed that they're really foul smelling. Ugh. Very inverted, more so since finishing breastfeeding DC2. Stopped BF in December though, so not likely to be linked. Hard to properly wash maybe, as they're impossible to get too. Gross. Any advice? (Not some sort of disgusting troll!).

Scotlandmam Wed 09-Jul-14 22:21:19

Would it maybe be leftover milk? I didn't breastfeeding but I remember a strange smell coming from the leakage ( don't want to say milk as it was more likely colostrum ) in the weeks after having babies.

Kittykat7 Thu 10-Jul-14 15:37:04

It sounds like an infection in there. Best to get checked.

divingoffthebalcony Thu 10-Jul-14 15:56:35

Since they're very inverted, it's almost certainly to do with not being able to wash inside properly. I used to have a similar problem with my navel, which was very small and very deep. Since having a baby it's so stretched out, washing is no longer a problem!

Really don't know what to suggest though.

lougle Thu 10-Jul-14 15:59:44

It could be a build up of dead skin on the nipple surface? Can you give them a really gentle but thorough scrub with a shower scrunchie and some soap?

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