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Oh heck - PR bleeding

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Needtostayanonymous Sun 06-Jul-14 21:14:54

For the last 2 days I have noticed blood on the toilet roll every time that I go to the loo and wipe my bottom. It looks quite fresh, but not really fresh if that makes sense.

I have also noticed that my stools have been getting looser and looser then I get a bit bunged up for a few days. This has been going in for the last 4 or 5 months. Last week, I started getting less and less warning of needing to open my bowels and lost control on one occasion.

I have also had a horrible pain intermittently deep inside my rectum for the past 6 months or so. I have mainly had it at night and usually during my period, I've only noticed it twice or 3 times each month. It wakes me at night and is like an intense bruised / pressure type sensation. My tummy is feeling bloated and I look about 4 months pregnant!

There is a history in my family of bowel cancer and I'm trying not to presume the worst. I have tried prebooking a Drs appt using the automated system over the weekend, but the first available appt is a week on Monday! I'm working every day this week so doing the usual ring (and ring and ring again until you get through) at 8am every day to get one of the few appts that they release each day is going to be tricky.

I'm not sure what I'm hoping to achieve by posting, but writing it all down is good.

Superworm Sun 06-Jul-14 23:35:50

I would book the first appointment for next Monday then ring incessantly until you get an emergency appointment.

Will hand hold in the mean time. Bowel cancer runs in my family too, it does make you worry.

notapizzaeater Sun 06-Jul-14 23:38:56

I'd be ringing and ringing - can you ask for a telephone consultation ? You might be able to be referred straight from that with family history.

Needtostayanonymous Mon 07-Jul-14 08:41:16

Well I finally got through at 8.25 to ask for a phone consultation.

They don't offer those until all of the appts have gone - amazingly, they hadn't by then. So work are going to have to put up with it - I've got an appt to see a Dr at 11.40 today.

Thanks for the support.

notapizzaeater Mon 07-Jul-14 08:48:23

That's good thanks

Needtostayanonymous Mon 07-Jul-14 13:29:40

It should have been.

I got there and it was clear that there was a problem in the surgery. Half of it was cordoned off and it was much darker than usual. I'm not exactly sure what the problem was but they were running essential electrics from their emergency generator and had no running water.

The Dr needed to examine me, but couldn't owing to the lack of hand washing facilities so I have to go back on Thursday.

My mind is racing, and while I'm trying to keep calm it's easier said than done.

notapizzaeater Mon 07-Jul-14 13:46:49

Oh - that's not good .....

Thursday is a long time to wait - have a. Wine wine

pinkfrocks Mon 07-Jul-14 15:02:17

Try to be calm, it might be piles or even endometriosis which can affect the bowel- and would possibly cause the pain cyclically.
You also need checking out for ovarian cysts which can press on other organs and cause symptoms.
God luck smile

HauntedNoddyCar Mon 07-Jul-14 21:38:10

Sounds like it could be proctitis. Headline on that is it's ulcerative colitis of the rectum which doesn't have the associated increase in risk of bowel cancer. And is treated successfully with steroids.

Needtostayanonymous Mon 07-Jul-14 21:55:28

Thanks all.

I am having a wine but have a nagging feeling that perhaps I shouldn't.

I've not heard of proctitis. Some of the symptoms fit, so thanks for that Noddy

I wish tomorrow was Thursday.

Needtostayanonymous Thu 10-Jul-14 12:50:03

I saw a different GP today, thankfully the one on Monday had written everything down accurately so I didn't have to go right from the beginning.

She examined me and did some blood tests, has asked me to provide a stool sample and wants me to see a colorectal surgeon.

Luckily we have got private healthcare through DH's work and they've authorised everything and I have an appt for next Tuesday evening.

Not sure how I feel, I guess it's more a fear of the unknown at the moment.

notapizzaeater Thu 10-Jul-14 13:27:22

That's good, not long to wait and some of your results might be back.

I'd get a copy of any that are from your surgery next week as it's private they won't be able to see them.

Needtostayanonymous Thu 10-Jul-14 14:01:25

That's a really good idea.


ilove Tue 15-Jul-14 08:27:29

Good luck tonight

ohfourfoxache Tue 15-Jul-14 08:31:05

Hope all goes well x

Needtostayanonymous Tue 15-Jul-14 23:23:41

Thanks both.

All of my blood tests came back normal, as did the stool sample.

The surgeon was lovely and examined me thoroughly. He can't find anything of any concern, but wants me to have a colonoscopy to be 100% sure. That should be one day next week.

notapizzaeater Tue 15-Jul-14 23:42:44

That's reassuring, fingers crossed for next week

HauntedNoddyCar Tue 15-Jul-14 23:49:04

Well that's actually OK I think? smile

No hideous anemia. I happily never had to provide a sample and a poke around confirmed some inflammation low down.

Stay calm smile

Needtostayanonymous Tue 22-Jul-14 15:10:04

All done, though I'm windy enough to power most of the UK for the rest of the day I think!

Nothing abnormal seen on colonoscopy which is a huge relief. The prep was the worst bit by far, some discomfort during the procedure but nothing unmanageable. I'll have a follow up appointment in a few weeks. The surgeon is confident that everything will have returned to normal by then. I do hope he's right!

notapizzaeater Tue 22-Jul-14 15:23:19

It's good there was nothing sinister they saw. grin

Haggisfish Tue 22-Jul-14 15:25:02

Hurray! Very glad for you.

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