Help! Bad itching at 30 weeks pg - driving me mad!

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podglet Sun 10-Sep-06 09:37:05


I am 30 weeks pregnant with my first baby (due 18th Nov) In the last couple of weeks I have had really bad itching pretty much all over my body but esp the tops of my arms, backs of my legs and all over and under my bump. This is accompanied by a small rash of red spots on the top of my bump. This is driving me insane and lotion is now not helping.

It is so bad first thing in the morning and last thing at night that I am often reduced to tears

Does anyone know what this could be or how to make it go away? All DP does is shout at me not to scratch which isn't helping...

Really appreciate any help on this. Thanks.

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belgo Sun 10-Sep-06 09:44:07

Get that checked out by the doctor. It could be a pregnancy related condition or something not related to pregnancy but you need to be sure what it is.

belgo Sun 10-Sep-06 09:51:08

Is the itching on the soles of your feet or palms of your hands? Is it on your face?

TambaTheDragonSlayer Sun 10-Sep-06 09:56:12

Get a blood test for Choliostasis at the Docs.

Coolish baths helped me and flannels with cold water on them for dabbing at the itchy bits

Overrun Sun 10-Sep-06 13:55:47

it could be Obstretic cholestasis, which is a liver disorder that you can get in pregnancy. This often presents with ictchy palms and soles of feet, but can occur in other parts of the body.
You would need a blood test, and acutally although you probably don't have it I would ring your midwife/the hospital today to get the test. It can cause still birth, because so it needs checking out quickly.
I had it, and they dealt with me very quickly. Sorry to alarm you, but better to be safe than sorry

auntyquated Sun 10-Sep-06 14:44:12

i had this too
GP did all the checks/tests and came to the conclusion that it was due to a hormonal inbalance cos of the prgnancy. which was what the midwife had said from the beginning.

i would scratch my bump so much in my sleep that i would break the skin! DH couldn't sleep cos of my itching and nor could I !!

i moved into the spare room and the GP gave my fenigan to make me sleep. the last month i slept solidly for 12 uninterupted hours each night, bliss.

unfortunatly i still itched during the day but was able to cpe with it cos i wasn't tired.
the minute the baby was born the itch went away.

podglet Sun 10-Sep-06 16:16:22

Thank you all very much. Think will def get it checked out as that liver thing sounds rather worrying.

Thanks again

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liquidclocks Sun 10-Sep-06 16:35:04

Podglet - Cholestatis isn't generally accompanied by a rash so although get your liver function tests ASAP don't be surprised if they come back negative. What you're describing sounds similar to what I had when pg with DS1 - it's called PUPPP (if you google it you'll get some hits with pictures and you can compare) but there's a reaaly good page here about itching in pregnancy.

It's absolutely horrid and unfortunately there's very little anyone can do. I used Eurax and hydrocortizone cream (sparingly) but ended up being induced on my due date. You can try piriton (unfortunately I'm allergic) it didn't clear up straight away for me but I had an antihistamine I could take after giving birth and it did help the itching if not the rash. If you do think it might be this I have some special herbal soap I imported from Rainier soapworks in the USA left over and I'd be happy to post it to you - it did work a bit. You can email me at my mumsnet name at yahoo dot com. The other thing I did was have a cold bath of slightly salty water before bed and leave the water in. This would give me a bit of sleep and then when I woke up itching I could get back in the bath for some relief. If it is PUPPP then moisturising will make it worse too - the midwives kept trying me to rub in this aqueous cream and it made it 10 times worse.

Really hope it's not this btw but if it is hope my mini essay will be helpful.

liquidclocks Sun 10-Sep-06 16:37:11

Oh, and btw, soap's still in the packaging - not been used - I had to order quite a bit to make it worth them sending it to me.

podglet Mon 11-Sep-06 09:52:55

Hi Liquidclocks,

Thank you so much for that info. I will get the liver thing checked out and have spoken to my midwife who doesn't seem too interested in the liver problem but I am due to see her on Thursday for a check up so will get her to look at the rash then (according to DP it is now all over my back as well ) If it is alright, can I let you know about the soap after this - that's really kind of you to offer it!

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anniediv Mon 11-Sep-06 10:03:20

Hello Podglet. I had this with dd1 and dd3 (PUPP). Unfortunately the only thing that relieved it for me was baby being born. I have it at the moment with dd or ds that is due in March!! (Not as severe as previously). I had a combination of steroid tablets and atarax antihistamine which my gp said would be safe at that stage of pregnancy (I had it from 15 weeks). I found bathing in an oatmeal bath very soothing while I was in it, but pretty itchy again once I got out. I really understand how miserable it can make you feel. Sorry I have got nothing more constructive to say, just lots and lots of sympathy.

BTW, as someone has already mentioned, the 'classic' sign of PUPP is that it doesn't appear on the soles of your feet, palms of your hands or your face.

Ashtonlou88 Fri 06-Dec-19 10:09:43

I no this sounds weird I’m 30 weeks pregnant and had the stitch at 22 weeks but the last few weeks my Minnie feels like it’s open like I have to hold it all the time has anyone ever had that before I have this feeling if I’m sitting down laying down or standing up it’s constant it’s trally gettin me down

Bunnybaubles Mon 16-Dec-19 09:56:06

@Ashtonlou88 this is a really old thread dated 2006. You should start your own so you can hopefully get replies with useful advice. You should also contact your midwife or if your hospital has a triage department. I had to go to triage several times because my c-section wound kept opening up. They will be the best people to help you. I hope you get it sorted flowers

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