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Severe breast pain - really scared

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Soveryupset Mon 30-Jun-14 13:18:31

Hi all,
for a few months I noticed breasts started to hurt in line with ovulation, so I wasn't too worried. Then a few weeks ago the pain became pretty severe, I even changed my bras as thought this could be causing it (had some new ones which felt a bit tight).

Then the pain got very intense on the left side and I went to see the GP. Neither the GP or myself could feel any lumps whatsoever, but she asked me to wait a week with neurofen/paracetamol and return. This weekend I ended up in A&E - woke up with raging pain and felt sick, wretching and shaking. It could be that I had a reaction to the neurofen I took for the pain, but I was pretty scared. It all seem to calm down by the time I left A&E.

The lovely A&E doctor took a chest X-ray, did a breast exam (could also feel no lumps) and blood tests and reassured me that it was probably hormonal/muscular as the blood tests did not indicate anything "untoward".

I am going back to the GP today to get a referral to a breast clinic, but I am still feeling panicked because this horrible pain will not go away. Just looking for some reassurance please....

mawinter Mon 30-Jun-14 15:41:12

I had this exact same thing. However mine occurred after coming off Cerazette. I found icing them a lot helped, as well as ibuprofen. At one point my doctor had put me on Mastodynon and that relived the pain even more, however I had an allergic reaction so had to come off it. Eventually I was put back on the pill due to some other health issue which popped up and the pain has gone away. My doctor linked the pain all along to a hormonal imbalance and just simply getting older.

Soveryupset Mon 30-Jun-14 17:25:11

thank you so much mawinter for sharing your experience!

I think my GP said something similar along the lines of "now that you are past 40..." but at least it doesn't sound like anything too sinister...!

Soveryupset Sat 05-Jul-14 08:55:45

Was woken up again in the middle of the night with this horrible burning feeling on the side of my breast. Went into a total panic, might book a private mammogram as no sign of referral coming through. Feeling very scared now.

Put an ice pack on it last night which seemed to help. I keep reading about inflammatory bc and so worried this is it.

Elibean Sat 05-Jul-14 12:08:29

Sovery, if you want to go privately to make it faster, do - but I would book an appointment with a breast surgeon/specialist rather than a mammo. If you are worrying about IBC (very unlikely, unless your breast is also red and/or pitted skin, and even then mastitis more likely) a mammo is not much use.

I do sympathise, I had loads of pain related boob issues in my 40s and went to get checked many times - IBC was a pet worry of mine too, because of the pain - but hang in. The odds are very much on your side, and pain in your 40s is definitely not rare!

One other thought - burning pain can be nerve related. As in, trapped nerves at that level running along a rib - or even shingles. Loads of things, in other words, other than sinister ones. HTH x

Soveryupset Sat 05-Jul-14 22:02:33

thank you so much Elibean for all the kind words of reassurance and advice. I am very rational in the day and then seem to go into a panic at night time when this pain wakes me up!

I will follow your advice and get a referral to a breast consultant, I think.

Soveryupset Tue 08-Jul-14 16:10:32

Update - I found out today that the GP Practice did not process my referral, so after a couple of phone calls they finally did it today. I wasn't very happy. I am still in a lot of pain with my left breast (none on the right breast). I have switched bras to those camisole types with in built bras as I can now not tolerate any bras. The pain is pretty bad.

To say I am scared and panicked is an understatement. I try not to think about it but it's difficult because the pain is always there to remind me! DH keeps trying his best to reassure me. I have found a few threads on here with people who have similar...I am supposed to be going on holiday on the 23rd of July for 3 weeks...I am not very happy at all about the situation, just hope it turns out to be "nothing" although I have a bad feeling about it, not sure why.

Elibean Tue 08-Jul-14 17:13:00

'bad feelings', IME, mean absolutely nothing in medical terms smile

If the pain is worst on the inside edge half of your breast, iyswim, the other possibility (with that kind of intense, woken at night sort of pain) is costochondriasis. Its inflammation of the cartilage where it joins the rib, or breast bone. Pretty common, very ouchy, and frequently gets mistaken for anything from breast pain through to heart attacks, apparently shock

Grrr to the botched referral, hope you get one fast now x

Soveryupset Tue 08-Jul-14 18:09:13

You're right elibean, I think the bad feelings are just paranoia or fear of the unknown!

The pain is middle of the breast into the side towards armpit - I had thought of muscular or rib pain, especially as it did spread out into my back at its worst, but I am not so sure now.

The Dr's secretary said I should get an appointment within 2 weeks so hopefully I will get some answers soon...

Soveryupset Wed 09-Jul-14 15:28:26

If anyone is reading I have an appointment with the breast clinic on Friday next week, so only 9 days to wait now....I am so worried but also so glad I am going to know before I go on holiday hopefully what it's wrong with my left breast. I just hope it isn't anything horrible.

DesmondIsMyConstant Wed 09-Jul-14 16:52:36

I had almost identical pain to what you describe.

I was referred to the breast clinic, had full exam and mammogram, everything all fine. I was in agony for months. I then had my mirena coil removed and the pain disappeared practically overnight! Are you on any hormones?

coalscuttle Wed 09-Jul-14 17:04:36

I went to a breast clinic last month on the two week wait thing, with breast Pain but no lumps or other symptoms. Have had all clear, according to breast cancer care leaflet a lot of breast pain goes undiagnosed. The main thing is yo have cancer excluded. The specialist I saw said to me pain is sometimes a good thing, in that breast cancer doesn't hurt (in early stages obv). Pain with no lumps is less worrying to them than a lump with no pain.

Dinkydoos Wed 09-Jul-14 17:13:18

I have this also!
Left side only. Was convinced I had ibc too.
Had mammo which actually did show 'change in density of the cells' so then had a biopsy and even an MRI. Nothing. Just said it was one if those things for women in their 40's.
This was 2.5 years ago and have since had 2 more mammograms. Nothing changed.
Still can feel pain there and have fretted on and off but now beginning to accept it isn't anything!
Hope this reassures you a little!

Soveryupset Wed 09-Jul-14 17:43:06

Yes thank you so much, it is reassuring to know there are others who have been through a similar thing but have had positive news at the end. The pain is very annoying and it still wakes me up once at night every night but I have stopped having panic attacks about it!!

I understand the anxiety and worry that goes with these things now - no matter how much you tell yourself that you will be ok, until you have had the scans/diagnosis from a specialist the doubt is always at the back of your mind...

Dinkydoos Wed 09-Jul-14 18:38:21

I can totally empathise, tis v difficult!
Good luck for next week, and remember that it's much, much, more likely that it's nothing!

Soveryupset Wed 09-Jul-14 18:41:54

thank you!! I will update to let everyone know what the outcome was - if anything it will be useful for other people experiencing similar in the future!!

lougle Wed 09-Jul-14 18:54:12

If it is at all reassuring, sinister breast lumps do not tend to grow rapidly (it is more likely to be a cyst if so) and pain in the breast tends to have a benign cause. Most breast cancers are not painful in any way.

Try taking some evening primrose oil capsules.

Soveryupset Fri 11-Jul-14 14:40:51

Having a really bad day.

I woke up in the middle of the night covered in sweat, and couldn't stop sweating. It was horrible. My boob pain is also horrible today, it feels like a tingling feeling and never stops. I am freaking out.

Another week to wait before my appointment - I have stepped up the evening primrose oil consumption and am trying to get distracted...

Dinkydoos Fri 18-Jul-14 15:39:34

Hi there
Just checking in.
Hope it went ok today. Thinking of you.

Soveryupset Sat 19-Jul-14 08:47:06

Thankyou! I am a bit unsure what to think. The breast consultant took my history than did a thorough examination and said no lumps.

She then refused mammography or ultrasound as she said no need as in her opinion this is hormonal. Relieved but would have been happier with a mammogram...

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