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Why do I hurt?

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onestepbeyond Sun 29-Jun-14 20:55:59

Since having dd2 approx 5 months ago I keep having periods where I hurt all over. It's a sharp nerve type pain and can occur any where although my hands seem to suffer worst. I also have very stiff ankles when I wake up and struggle to even walk downstairs.
Any ideas?

onestepbeyond Sun 29-Jun-14 20:56:44

Just to clarify I need periods of time rather than af!

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Sun 29-Jun-14 21:01:41

If you find an answer can you tell me, I've had a similar thing from 6 months pregnant to now so year and a half so far.
I've had X-rays, physio, and blood tests. Waiting for next referral for more blood tests. So sick of it.

onestepbeyond Sun 29-Jun-14 21:06:47

It's miserable isn't it. Hoping some medical professional will be along with advice soon!

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Sun 29-Jun-14 21:15:48

It's horrific sometimes and really gets me down. Been pretty much house bound for a long time. Try to get out as much as I can even if its just for a walk with baby in the sling as can't push the pram as shoulders are in agony after doing it. Can't drive quite a lot of the time. It's really knocked my confidence, not how I pictured being a mum.

onestepbeyond Mon 30-Jun-14 17:54:49

I kniw what you mean. sometimes my hands and wrists hurt so much i can barely pick dd2 up - not what i expected after having a baby. And even when I'm just sitting I get sharp pains randomly anywhere

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Tue 01-Jul-14 11:28:44

Have you been to the doctor? If you write down when and what happens it will be easier to describe.
At the moment until I get more blood tests.when its really bad, I've been prescribed diclofenic and tramadol, which I take as it means I can function during the day. I really don't like having to rely on it but needs must.
I was harder when ds was smaller and not mobile as you are constantly picking them up and down.
Are you bf or ff?
I initially bf but had to switch to ff.
apparently the prolactin you get when bf can make these problems continue, that was in the back of my mind when feeding, but I had to stop for other reasons.
Also when you wean your baby, I recommend blw as its easier than the constant movement of spoon feeding.
I only spoon feed soup or yogurts and if I'm really sore, I'm so glad ds can feed himself.
Also think about the clothes you put them in as my fingers are really stiff and painful so ds is always in pjs at night rather than baby grows as the studs would be too much. And during the day he's in t shirts and tracksuit bottoms, leggings or shorts.I'm so glad I didn't have to deal with tights and things:

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Tue 01-Jul-14 11:30:08

Sorry mammoth post. I'm just a few months a head of you dealing with it.grin

onestepbeyond Wed 02-Jul-14 13:30:13

Thank you yellowsnow That's good advice about writing it down - i think i will have to bite the bullet and go to see the doctor so will keep a diary for a few days. Shoulders, ankles and hands most consistently painful now with random pains all over.
Good tip about avoiding baby gros - i have been struggling with them. Poor dd1 keeps wanting her hair plaited but no chance!
Hope you get some answers soon.

summertimeandthelivingiseasy Wed 02-Jul-14 22:34:15

Sounds like my menopausal problems. I have hrt, which seems to have helped (unless I forget to take it, like today).

onestepbeyond Thu 03-Jul-14 08:12:36

I hope it's not that summertime - we are hoping to have dc3 at some point!

Eastpoint Thu 03-Jul-14 08:16:18

But an imbalance of hormones could do the same thing, fluctuations in oestrogen levels etc

summertimeandthelivingiseasy Thu 03-Jul-14 12:03:02

I think you can get low hormone problems after pregnancy, especially when bf. Some people have vaginal dryness and may need lubricant, or vagifem. I had sore joints 4 mths after my first baby. I used to have to scoop him up because I couldn't get my hands round him. My dippy HV just said (Philidelphia cream cheese voice) 'oh - do you think it could be hormones?' I was just very careful and it went away. Didn't get it next time, fortunately. I had lots of issues with anaemia, constipation, mastitis and a non-sleeping baby, so it is one of the things that got ignored.

I came off the pill a couple of years ago and have been having anovulatory cycles. Every so often, I have an 'attack' of this, where I wake up sore all over and it takes several days to recover. Like you say, it is mainly feet and ankles, hands and wrists, and neck and shoulders with knees, elbows and hips joining in on a bad day, making sitting watching television uncomfortable even. The stiff feet first thing are very noticeable.

I thought I would try hrt, and so far it has worked - I have not had to take any ibuprofen. I am sure it is hormone related.

smee Thu 03-Jul-14 13:27:31

Not sure if this helps, but I had real problems after DS was born with very sore feet. They'd stiffen up so if I got up in the night I could barely walk. GP was useless and I worried about arthritis (my dad's pretty crippled by it), but it slowly improved, then went completely.

Years later I had treatment for breast cancer, which pushed me into an early menopause and the pains came back. They fluctuate, but hands and feet are often v.sore and stiff, and every day aching is pretty much a given. It goes in waves, but is definitely worse when I'm tired. So put the two together and I think hormonal imbalance is the cause. It might sound counterintuitive, but I find exercise helps, so even if it hurts I push through it.

A couple of people have mentioned fybromyalgia to me and I think it fits. Worth a google.

summertimeandthelivingiseasy Thu 03-Jul-14 13:40:23

I find exercise helps too.

I did go to a class where I came out feeling worse, so I don't go there anymore. Gentle all-over exercise like dance, NIA, have been best so far.

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Thu 03-Jul-14 18:19:48

I'm hoping I don't have fibromyalgia as arthritis has already been ruled out. I definitely think mine is something to do with hormones as the pain changes throughout the month and only the last doctor I saw took me seriously on this.
The more info you have helps when you go and see about it.
Also yoga does help for me, but hard to get time to do it, with a baby.

ej23 Thu 03-Jul-14 18:46:39

Hi, have got something similar going on and started a thread on bf topic. I'm bfing dc 3 (8.5 months) and experiencing lots of random joint/ muscle/ ligament nerve type pain. It started in my right foot a few months ago and then my hands, wrists, forearms. I started to think I has arthritis or carpal tunnel at first. Then recently the pains have spread all over and move around. Eg could be in forearm for 10-15 seconds and then few mins later it appears somewhere else. Regularly have really stiff neck. It's made me really anxious and I've had several melt downs. Whatever it is just seems to spread to more areas each day. Am getting random pains in face now as well. Blood tests to date incl full blood count, thyroid and RA have all come back normal. Waiting for results for Lyme's Disease and also referral for nerve conduction test. Been hoping it was connected with hormone Relaxin which still present when bfing so can easily pull muscles but now really worried.

ej23 Thu 03-Jul-14 18:48:44

Definitely seems to be quite common so don't know why doctors aren't more clued up on it!

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Thu 03-Jul-14 19:29:59

I hoped it was linked to bf, but not been feeding for over 9 months now and its not made any difference to me, might be different for you thou.
All my bloods have come back normal so far as well. I'm going to chase up rheumatologist referral, so sick of this.

onestepbeyond Thu 03-Jul-14 20:04:44

Very interested by the hormone imbalance theory - would make sense as I:m still bf.
Like you yellowsnow I'm hoping it's not fibromyalgia.

ej23 Thu 03-Jul-14 21:16:07

Also worth checking vit d level. Really informative thread about this on here.

onestepbeyond Thu 03-Jul-14 22:09:34

Thanks ej23 i'll have a look for it.

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Thu 03-Jul-14 22:41:03

I'm in agony with my shoulders and hips just now. I've got packing to do!!! Waiting for painkillers to kick in, tried not to take any today. hmm

ej23 Fri 04-Jul-14 10:09:49

Snap. Had to take ibuprofen last night to pack for camping trip. Another thought. Couple of people have suggested trying gluten free diet. Possible to get muscle and joint pain from gluten sensitivity.

onestepbeyond Fri 04-Jul-14 14:54:35

Hope you both got your packing done! Had to come down the stairs on my bum today as ankles hurt so much. Going to make a doctors appointment next week.

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